韓國行 Day 2

韓國行 第二天 (Day 2 of Korea Trip)

韓國行 – 第二天的行程是:

Isaac Toast-梨花女子大學-弘益大學-3ce購物-樂天超市安東燉雞-南山公園&首爾塔-O’sulloc-仁寺洞

Here is the itinerary for the 2nd day of Korea trip:

Isaac Toast – Ewha Women’s University – Hongdae – Shopping at 3ce – Lotte Market – Andong jjimdak – Namsan Park & Seoul Tower – O’sulloc – Insa-dong

吃完美味的Isaac  Toast,我們散步前往梨花女子大學

After eating the delicious Isaac Toast, we start walking toward Ewha Women’s University.

Because my friend is looking for Korean Starbuck’s sakura tumbler, so we came to this Starbucks near Ewha Women’s University to see if they sell it. After coming it, we saw this sign, this Starbucks is actually the first Starbucks at Korea that is opened in 1999.

Walking toward Ewha Women’s University, you will see the famous Ewha Wall on your left side before reaching the main entrance.

Main entrance of the university

We were planning to view cherry blossom at Ewha Women’s university, but only one tree blossomed near the entrance.


If you walk downhill to your right, you will reach a complex for restaurants and stationary stores.


Ewha Women’s Univeristy’s large chapel.

Even though there isn’t much cherry blossom, other flowers are beautiful as well.

We walked around until the other side of the complex.

梨花女子大學 (이화여자대학교) Ewha Womans University

電話 (phone):02-3277-2114

地址 (address):首爾特別是西大門區新洞
52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul


After finishing touring Ewha Women’s university, we headed toward Hongik University and Hongdae Shopping District.


When we arrived at Hongdae Shopping District, we realized we got here too early. Lots of stores are still not open at noon. Hongdae is similar to Tapie’s Eastern District since it will get busy at night. Since there are many students near Hongdae, there are many special shops, restaurants, clubs, bar, BBQ store, coffee shop! I would recommend everyone to come here in the afternoon at the earliest.

▲遠遠的看到STYLE NANDA  的巨大招牌
I can see the large sign of ‘Style Nanda’ from far away.


After telling the employees what product I desire, they gave me a number sign.

What I want is put into the cabinets near the counter, all I had to do is to give the number sign to the cashier and they will help me out. There is no need to carry stuff around while shopping. Awesome!

STYLE NANDA 弘大總店 (Hongdae Main Branch)

Address: 335-21 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 마포구 서교동 335-21

時間 (hours):11:00~23:00

Since we are a bit in a rush, we only took a symbolic picture and check-in at the Hongik University.

弘益大學 (Hongik University)

地址:94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address: 94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

弘大快速拍照打卡完,我們就去LOTTE Mart採購,之後回到明洞民宿放東西。再到明洞附近吃安東燉雞,吃飽是下午四點左右。我們就前往南山公園&首爾塔。
After pictures and checking-in at Hongik University, we went shopping at Lotte Mart, then we went back to Myeong-dong to put stuff away. Soon after, we went to eat Andong jjimdak near Myeong-dong. We finished eating at around 4pm, then we headed toward  Namsan park and Seoul Tower.

When you reach the bottom of the Seoul Tower, you will see an elevator. This free-to-take elevator will take you directly to the gondola ticket office. If you don’t want to get in line for the elevator, you can take the stairs too.

The elevator is quite steep

The entrance to the Seoul Tower gondola ticket office

▲纜車購票處 Gondola Ticket Office

營業時間 (hours) : AM10:00~PM23:00 (全年無休) (open everyday of the year)

售票價位 :




Adult round trip – 8500 won, Adult one-way – 6000 won
Child round trip – 5500 won, Child one-way – 3500 won

I bought round-way tickets. They will rip the right part off when you go up, and the other park when you come back down. Be sure to keep your ticket safe if you bought a round-way ticket.

On a Monday afternoon around 4pm, we waited about 40 minutes until we got on the gondola.

Takes about 3 minute to reach Namsan park

There are couple locks everywhere at Namsan Park, this place is very suited for a couple date. These layered locks are so dense, feel like it will collapse at any moment since the locks are very heavy!

View of Seoul City from Namsan Park

Seoul’s city planning isn’t too structured, or maybe I am just not too familiar with Seoul yet. I could not tell where is where.

Octagonal booth at Namsan Park

Seoul tower and love locks.


Since we want to finish our plans, we didn’t wait until dark to go up to Seoul Tower for night view. Hopefully next time I will get a chance to see a night view of Seoul city ?

N首爾塔地址 : 首爾龍山區龍山洞2街1-3

(대한민국 서울특별시 용산구남산공원길105)


週一~週四、週日10:00~23:00 / 週五~週六10:00~24:00

North Seoul Tower Address: 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
North Seoul Tower Hours:

Mon- Thr, Sun – 10:00 – 23:00 / Fri-Sat 10:00-24:00

離開首爾塔後, 我們來到仁寺洞。仁寺洞位在地鐵3號線安國站的六號出口。出口出來後往仁寺洞大街步行約五分鐘就到了。

在去的路上還到了O’sulloc買了綠茶冰淇淋來吃 ? ?

After leaving Seoul Tower, we came to Insa-dong. Insa-dong is located at subway line 3 Anguk Station’s 6th exit. Its a 5 minute walk after exiting the station. On our way there, we also bought green tea ice cream at O’sulloc. ? ?

▲ Insadong的 Ssamziegil商場 (Ssamziegil market at Insa-dong)

Ssamziegil 是仁寺洞的新地標,來韓國之前,我的好朋友強力推薦這裡。這是一座約四層樓高的建築,裡面是複合式空間,進駐了超過70間的個性小店。裡面充滿濃厚的文創氣息,除了販售一些傳統文化的商品之外,還有許多特色創意商品。

Ssamziegil is a new landmark of Insa-dong. Before coming to Korea, my good friend highly recommended this place. This is a 4 floored structure with more than 70 small stores wth characters inside. Inside is filled with a creative atmosphere. Besides selling cultural merchandise, there are other creative goods.

You can see cute decorative art and graffitis everywhere in the Ssamziegil market.

Inside Ssamziegil you can see a hollow design. From first floor, the hallway spiral up so that you can follow and shop on the hall all the way to 4th floor without taking a single stair.

地址 :首爾特別市鍾路區寬勳洞38
서울특별시 종로구 관훈동 38
44 Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
時間 (hours):10:30~20:30

There are lots of alleys centered around Insadong street. After shopping at ssamjigil, we got a taste of traditional korean culture at the alleys around us.

Walking at the road paved with Quartzite in Insadong, I feel like I am at a Taiwan’s old street or China’s Dali old town. (Perhaps all the old street with ancient history are paved with Quartzite? ???)


We are destined with Starbucks today. The sign 스타벅스커피 means Starbucks Coffee. This Insa-dong’s Starbucks Coffee is the only Starbucks of the world that does not have English Sign. From the internet, I found out that when Starbucks want to open in Insa-dong, the culture-rich residents of Insadong strongly opposed the proposal. So to compromise with the locals, Starbucks made the acception to use a Korean sign.

Besides Starbucks, all other signs are in Korean.

After going through today, I think you can put Insa-dong in the morning since the pictures of the creative goods here would be more beautiful, then you can head on to Hongdae since the store there open later. You can also get a taste of the night-life at Hongdae.

※ 這是我第一次寫具體的遊記, 資訊會比較多, 如果有錯誤或遺漏的地方歡迎留言告訴我喔!!!! 我會盡快修改更新

This is my first time writing out my trip in detail, there will be lots of info, if there are errors or something I miss, feel free to let me know through comments. I will do my best to edit and update.

Isaac Toast & Coffee

Isaac Toast & Coffee

因為一早的行程安排去梨花大學,所以我們早餐來吃韓國版的美而美– Isaac Toast & Coffee 早餐店!

Isaac Toast & Coffee 是韓國連鎖的吐司專賣店,在首爾除了梨大店外,很多著名景點也有,例如:明洞、東大門、新村、弘大、新設洞、惠化、會賢…每家分店公休日可能有些許不同,大家要再自己注意。

Since we planned to visit Ewha Women’s University, so we came to a Korean version of ‘Mei & Mei’ (Famous breakfast chain in Taiwan) called Isaac Toast & Coffee.

Isaac Toast & Coffee is a Korean chain sandwich shop. Besides having one at Ewha, Seoul, they are also located in many famous touristy spots such as  Min-dong, Dongdaemun, Sinchon, Hongdae, Sinseol-dong, Hyehwa, Hoehyeon, etc… Each branch may be closed on a different day, so please pay extra attention here.


From Ming-dong(where we lived), we took the subway toward Dongdaemun station until we reach the Dongdaemun history and culture park station, then we transfer on the 2nd line (green)


Then, take the train toward the Ewha Womans University (Korean subway has clear signs everywhere, make us not afraid of getting on the wrong subway)


We are here at the 241 Ewha Womans University station of subway 2nd line.


Take the 2nd exit of the Ewha Womans University station


Take a left after taking the exit and follow the downhill road. You can see many students rushing to classes on the road.

▲看到OLIVE YOUNG左轉,再走約100公尺就到嘍
When you see ‘OLIVE YOUNG’, take a left and you will arrive at Isaac Toast & Coffee after 100 more meters.

 ▲Isaac Toast&Coffee位在左邊
Isaac Toast & Coffee is on your left hand side.


Menu not only has Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese, it also has pictures. (You don’t need to worry about not knowing how to order)


▲廚房是半開放式的,可以看到製作過程。Isaac Toast&Coffee的吐司特色就是現點現做,在吐司上塗上奶油再在鐵板上煎到金黃,之後再放上配料

The kitchen is half-open so you can see the food making process. Isaac Toast & Coffee is known for making your order right after you order. They spread butter on the toast and cook until golden yellow on the hot metal plate, then they put other ingredients on it.

▲照片上遠遠可以看到, 蛋是用正方型模型做的。和土司大小一樣的模型,讓蛋和土司的大小一樣,之後吃起來每口都有料,真的是很用心。而且蛋裡面還會灑入玉米粒,增加口感。

You can see in the picture, the egg is made using a toast sized square mold. This makes the egg the same size as the toast so that every bite will guarantee tasting both. I think that is very thoughtful of them. The egg also has some corn bits in it to create more texture.



After about 10 minutes, our sandwiches have arrived.


▲烤肉MVP吐司 Bulgogi mvp toast,2800韓元

There is egg, veggie, bulgogi, cheese, and sauce


▲ISAAC Toast&Coffee的吐司裡面有塗上薄薄的美乃滋,所以吃起來甜甜鹹鹹的,而且煎過的吐司酥酥的,真的非常好吃!內餡多層次,有烤肉排、起司、煎蛋還有生菜。讓我一口接一口停不下來。搭配上我愛的拿鐵,開始美好的一天!

Isaac Toast & Coffee’s toast has a thin layer of mayo on it. It tasted both sweet and salty. Also, the toast is quite crispy, very delicious! The bulgogi, cheese, egg, and lettuce creates a layered texture. I could not stop myself from eating this. Along with my beloved latte, quite a amazing start to a day!


心得:吐司表層塗抹奶油煎到金黃酥脆,無論是顏色和香氣都很吸引人,再放上生菜, 蛋, 和其他配料。吃完非常有飽足感。而且ISAAC Toast&Coffee細心的讓吐司裡面的配料和吐司一樣大,讓我每口都吃得到料. 這點讓我非常滿意。不過須注意的是,現場吃的口感最好喔,因為如果外帶的話,吐司會被包裝紙悶住而軟掉。


The toast with butter at Isaac Toast & Coffee was cooked until golden brown which has a crispy texture. Both the color and smell are pleasing. The lettuce, egg, and other ingredients make me very full after eating the sandwich. I really enjoy the fact that all the ingredients were created to be the same size as the toast which allowed me to taste multiple ingredients every bite. One thing to note is that I would eat the sandwich right away. If you take the sandwich to go, the toast will become soft due to being enclosed inside a bag.

Isaac Toast & Coffee(梨大店)(Ewha)


Address:56-88 Daehyeon-dong Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

(서울특별시 서대문구 대현동 56-88)

交通方式:地鐵2號線「梨大(241)」站2號、3號出口,直走步行5分鐘,OLIVE YOUNG左轉再走約100公尺即到

Transportation: Subway 2nd line (241 Ewha station) 2nd, 3rd exit. Walk straight for 5 minutes, take a left at OLIVE YOUNG, you will reach it after about 100 more meters.


hours: weekday: 9:00-21:00 ; Sunday: 9:00-19:00