Modern Mode & Modern Mode Café – 大同區

Modern Mode & Modern Mode Café – 大同區 (Datong District)

Modern Mode & Modern Mode Café 其實是因為我們本來要去的Miss V Bakery 需要排隊, 我們才繞進去附近的巷子里走走, 意外的發現它. 大家可以搭捷運至中山站或雙連站,沿著南京西路25巷走約8-10分鐘,左轉赤峰街49巷 就可以找到它.

We originally planned to go to ‘Miss V Bakery‘. However, it turns out there was a line at ‘Miss V Bakery’. Therefore, we decided to walk around the alleys close by and accidentally discovered ‘Modern Mode & Modern Mode Café’. You can find this cafe by taking the subway to Zhongshan Station or Shuanglian Station and follow Lane 25, West Nanjing road about 8-10 minutes and take a left at  Lane 49, Chifeng St.

▲Modern Mode (Café) 的老宅外觀看起來別有一番風味

The old-school appearance of ‘Modern Mode (Café) ‘ has its own distinct style.

▲進去裡面後發現Modern Mode (Café)是複合式的咖啡廳
After entering, we realized ‘Modern Mode (Café)’ is a hybrid cafe.

▼不僅賣咖啡也賣精品配件, 服飾, 古董.
Not only do they sell coffee, they also sell fine accessories, clothing, and antiques.


Hand-written dessert menu

▲店內提供有 咖啡, 巧克力, 氣泡水, 和酒
The cafe provides coffee, chocolate, sparkling water, and alcohol

▲還有茶類的選擇. Modern Mode (Café)並不加收服務費, 但如果你覺得他們服務不錯, 可以另外將消費放入他們關愛之家基金桶裡面.

They also have a selection of tea. ‘Modern Mode (Café)’ does not charge a service tip, but if you feel they provided a good service, you can put extra tips into their ‘Harmony Home Association’ (charity) donation jar.

▲Chocolate Chaud 原味巧克力 $160

76% 純瑞士可可牛奶與膨軟棉花糖.

喝起來我覺得非常的一般, 喝起來還算順口, 但巧克力味不夠濃郁. 喝完很容易就忘記了, 我個人還是比較推薦Yu Chocolatier 畬室 法式巧克力甜點創作-台北

76% pure Switzerland cocoa milk and marshmallow

Overall it tasted average as I find its chocolate not flavorful enough. I easily have forgotten the taste after finishing the drink. I personally recommend Yu Chocolatier  over this.

▲Chocolat Marrons 栗子巧克力 $170

76%純瑞士可可牛奶與法國栗子泥. 相較Chocolate Chaud 原味巧克力, Chocolat Marrons 栗子巧克力喝起來有點沙沙的口感, 巧克力味也沒有那麼濃. 非常普通的一杯巧克力飲品.

76% Switzerland Cocoa milk and French chestnut mousse. Compared to Chocolat Chaud, I found Chocolat Marrons has an extra grainy texture. However, as it also lacks a strong chocolate flavor, it tasted average to me.

▲Berry cheesecake 野莓cheese蛋糕 $90

店員介紹這款野莓cheese蛋糕是開店以來就有的甜點, 味道滿濃郁的, 口感比較鬆軟不走紮實路線, 入口即化. 上層的乳酪吃起來有點像烤蛋糕.

The waitress told us that this berry cheesecake is a dessert they had since the cafe’s opening. It has a rich flavor. The texture is more on the soft side and melts in your mouth. The cheese on the top tastes more like a baked cake.

▲Tiramisu Marshmallow Cookie 提拉米蘇棉花糖餅乾 $90

我們以為這款餅乾吃起來像提拉米蘇的味道, 但發現他只有長得像提拉米蘇. 上層的棉花糖經過烘烤之後融化, (因為餅乾先拿去烤, 所以要小心盤子有點燙), 再在上面撒上巧克力粉. 因為棉花糖烤過之後, 吃起來有些粘牙. 沒有特別驚艷的口感和味道.

We thought that this is a tiramisu flavored cookie, but we realized it only looks like a tiramisu. The top layer of marshmallow is melted after baking (since the cookie is baked first, be mindful that the plate would be hot), and then cocoa powder littered over the cookie. It gets stuck to your teeth easily, and I didn’t find anything special in either the texture or taste.


Modern Mode (Café) 整體來說, 我會更推薦環境勝過食物. 這裡燈光滿昏暗, 店內也不會太吵鬧, 讓人覺得很放鬆. 再加上這裡可預約,不限時,有WIFI和插座,不加收服務費, 所以很適合和朋友在這裡聊天, 或者一個人來這裡用電腦. 對於飲品和甜點, 我就不推薦了. 巧克力飲品不夠濃郁, 野莓cheese蛋糕和提拉米蘇棉花糖餅乾非常的普通.


Overall, I would recommend the Modern Mode (Café)’s ambiance over its food. The lighting here is dimmed and not too loud, very relaxing for me. Also, you can make reservations here, eat without time limit, and no service charge. This makes this establishment a good location for a chat session with friends or coming here alone with a laptop. As for desserts and drinks, I don’t personally recommend them, as I find the chocolate drinks lacking flavor and cake/cookie just average tasting.

Modern Mode & (Café)


電話:(02) 2555 1020

營業時間:12:00 ~ 21:30(星期一公休)

Modern Mode (Café)

Address: No. 11, Lane 49, Chifeng St, Datong District, Taipei City

Phone: (02) 2555 1020

Hours: 12:00 – 21:30 (Closed on Mondays)

Miss V Bakery -大同區

Miss V Bakery – 大同區 (Datong District)

地址:  台灣台北市大同區赤峰街49巷22號

電話:  (02) 2559 7391

營業時間: 11:30-21:00 (週一公休)

Address: No. 22, Lane 49, Chifeng St, Datong District, Taipei City

Phone: (02) 2559 7391

Hours: 11:30-21:00 (Closed every Monday)

週末的午後,陪朋友去嘗試Miss V Bakery。Miss V Bakery座落於台北市大同區赤峰街的小巷弄中。我們剛到的時候,前面已經有八組客人在排隊,我們留了名字和電話後,就去赤峰街走走,感受那裡特有的寧靜特色。

On a weekend afternoon, I accompanied my friend to try out ‘Miss V Bakery’. Miss V Bakery is located in an alley of Taipei City’s Datong District’s Chifeng St’s. When we arrived, there were 8 groups ahead of us waiting in line. We left our name and phone number and went ahead to explore Chifeng St to experience its peaceful environment.

▲不同於周圍的老宅,Miss V Bakery白色的柱子和大門顯得更為突出、多了些簡單乾淨的現代感。

Miss V Bakery’s white pillars and white doors stood out from the surrounding old houses, and it adds a simple and clean modern look to its style.


The small blackboard near the entrance has the store’s dessert offerings.


When you walk through the entrance, you will see a white bookcase with tea sets,  books, and dried flowers.

▲Miss V Bakery整家店燈光明亮,店內的木製傢具和白色的主色調相呼應,更顯得整家店的裝潢風格簡單大方。

Miss V bakery is full of bright lightings. The wooden furnitures here complement the white main color well, this makes the whole design quite simple and modern.



Very cute small desserts – Doraemon (Chinese). As you can see, the English translation is actually financier. Most of the financier has a nugget-like appearance, so it is also known as a nugget cake.

▲馬芬 (Muffins)

Carrot cake (I personally loath carrots in general)

I can almost taste the sourness of today’s special lemon cake just by looking at the lemon shine.

▼將Menu奉上。在Miss V Bakery用餐, 採取先結帳後上菜
Here is the menu. You pay first here at Miss V Bakery.


▲四莓果茶 Four Red Fruits Tea $130

四莓果茶淡的幾乎沒有味道, 完全喝不到莓果或者茶味, 這樣的低品質讓我們非常傻眼

The Four Red Fruits Tea was so flavorless, I could neither taste the berries or the tea, we were shocked by the low-quality of this drink.

▲自製蜂蜜檸檬飲 Homemade Honey Lemon Drink $150

相較於四莓果茶蜂蜜檸檬水好喝多了! 雖然沒有驚艷的感覺, 不過喝起來是單純清爽的蜂蜜檸檬味. 喝之前記得要攪拌一下.

Compared to the Four Red Fruit Tea, the honey lemon drink was much tastier. Even though it isn’t eye-opening per se, but it has a simple and refreshing honey-lemon flavor. Remember to mix well before drinking.

▲煙燻里肌佐大蒜檸檬帕里尼尼  Smoked Ham with Lemon Aioli Panini with Homemade Granola and Yogurt $240

自製全麥鄉村麵包, 雙層煙燻里肌肉, 自製大蒜檸檬醬, 瑪茲拉起司,切達起司, 帕馬森起司, 蘿蔓, 番茄, 紅洋蔥.

配餐:生菜沙拉, 手工穀物脆片優格

Home-made whole wheat made, double layered smoked loin, home-made garlic lemon sauce, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato, red onions.

Side dish: salad, homemade granola yogurt


As a sandwich, its pretty decent. The bread was toasted just right, and the fillings quite balanced. I like the homemade garlic lemon sauce as its a slightly spicy. As a panini though, it was a complete failure. While the sandwich surface has the press marks, the inside of the sandwich was not pressed well, and the cheese wasn’t nearly enough.


The salad on the side was so-so, but the yogurt and granola were delicious. If they sell their homemade granola here, I would consider buying some home to eat with yogurt.


我對Miss V Bakery的飲品和帕尼尼超級失望. 讓我不禁懷疑這家店到底為什麼那麼多人來. 我們點的四莓果茶淡的像有一點味道的水, 完全沒有莓果或者茶味, 這樣的低品質的飲品也要收費$130.如果把煙燻里肌佐大蒜檸檬帕尼尼當做三明治來吃的話, 我還會覺得不錯吃. 但作為帕尼尼, 我完全不推薦!因為 1. 整體完全沒有合在一起, 只有一面有壓過的痕跡, 跟一般三明治沒什麼區別, 根本失去Panini的特色. 2. 裡面也沒有使用到三種起司(瑪茲拉起司,切達起司, 帕馬森起司). 整體而言, 我只喜歡店內的環境, 但今天的餐點完全是黑名單. 希望只是我剛好踩到地雷。Miss V Bakery免服務費。提供wifi。低消150元。客滿用餐限制2小時。


Overall, I was disappointed in what Miss V Bakery had to offer. I didn’t find the drinks or the panini to be of high-quality, which made me wonder what it is actually that is drawing the crowd. The four red fruits tea tasted almost like water, no berry or tea flavor at all. This low-quality drink costed 130NT. As for the ‘Smoked Ham with Lemon Aioli Panini’, it was good as a sandwich, but definitely wasn’t a panini. 1. The sandwich was not pressed well, only the surface has marks, it is basically like a regular sandwich and completely lost the selling point of panini. 2. The inside did not use three cheese as advertised (mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan). Overall, I only enjoyed the ambience of this establishment, and the food I have ordered today is going on my black list. I do hope it is only the specific things I have ordered today. On the side note, Miss V Bakery does not add a service charge, provides wifi, has a minimum charge of 150NT per person. If the place is full, they do limit your dining hours to be 2 hours.

Miss V Bakery

地址:  台灣台北市大同區赤峰街49巷22號

電話:  (02) 2559 7391

營業時間: 11:30-21:00 (週一公休)

Miss V Bakery

Address: No. 22, Lane 49, Chifeng St, Datong District, Taipei City

Phone: (02) 2559 7391

Hours: 11:30-21:00 (Closed every Monday)