【 內湖, 港墘站 】The Antipodean _ 澳洲風咖啡廳 #不限時 #免費wifi #巴西莓碗 Acai Bowl #皮可洛拿鐵

The Antipodean – 內湖,港墘站

🚇 港墘站
電話:(02) 8751-0027
營業時間:週一 – 五: 9:00-18:00/週六 – 週日: 9:00-19:00

🚇 Gangqian Station
Address: No. 4, Lane 26, Gangqian Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City
Phone: (02) 8751-0027
Hours: Mon – Fri : 9:00-18:00 / Sat – Sun : 9:00-19:00

我很喜歡藝人李詠嫻, 最近看到她在instagram上打卡【 The Antipodean 】,
點進去看發現這家咖啡廳離公司不遠, 又很可愛有美麗的墻壁(我對美麗的墻壁完全沒有抵抗力).

新西蘭和澳大利亞被稱為 Antipodes, 而 Antipodean 是形容詞 形容和澳洲、紐西蘭有關的人或事物。所以【 The Antipodean 】的logo才會是一隻白色的袋鼠.

I love the artist Li Yongxian, and she recently checked-in at “The Antipodean” on her Instagram.
When I took a closer look, I realize the cafe is not too far from my workplace, and it has cute and pretty walls  (I cannot resist pretty walls).
Therefore, I decided to check this place out during my lunch break.

The definition of Antipodes from Merriam-Webster is “the parts of the earth diametrically opposite”, and it is also often used to describe the New Zealand and Australia region. Therefore, “The Antipodean”‘s logo is a white kangaroo.


▲店側面的墻壁也太可愛了吧!!! 讓我忍不住瘋狂拍照.
The wall at the side of the store is sooooo cute!!! It made me take pictures after pictures.


▲店門口的招牌寫著”Everybody should believe in something, I believe I’ll have another coffee”–完全寫出我的心聲, 忙碌的週一工作讓我相信我會需要再一杯咖啡☕️

The sign of the cafe has “Everybody should believe in something, I believe I’ll have another coffee”, this totally speaks to my heart. A busy Monday work make me believe I will need another coffee☕️

▲ 水瓶是用「antipodes氣泡礦泉水」的瓶子
“Antipodes still water” water bottle


▲【 The Antipodean 】的第一頁是可愛的彩色咖啡手繪, 每次看到這樣的手繪介紹我就會覺得這家店多了一份用心, 好感度馬上增加! 這樣手繪介紹每種咖啡的不同, 可以幫助對於咖啡不熟悉的客人來選擇.

The first page of the menu is a cute hand-painted drawing. Every time I see this kind of menu, I feel the store has put thoughts into even something simple like the menu, suddenly I feel good about the cafe already. This kind of hand-drawn pictures introduces the different type of coffee and can help customers who are not familiar with coffee in general.

▼ 奉上菜單, 這裡除了咖啡以外, 還有提供很多飲品選擇.
Here is the menu. Besides coffee, there are lots of other drinks to choose from.

▲早午餐只提供到下午兩點半, 帕里尼則是全天供應

Brunch is provided until 2:30pm, panini is provided all-day.

▲另外可以加點的部分 和 甜點
Extra things you can order and desserts


▲我好喜歡店裡的裝潢擺設, 隨處可見的綠意, 讓人覺得很清新自然. 幾乎每張桌子上都有可愛的小花盆當做裝飾 ?
I love the decoration here, you can see greenery everywhere. I feel very refreshed and in nature. Almost every table has a cute flower pot on it as decoration.?

The cake display case also has decorative green grass.

▲ 店內也有販賣咖啡豆
The cafe sells coffee beans as well.


▲ 咖啡首先上桌. 在等待我的”巴西莓碗”時, 外面桌位的客人剛好離開, 所以我們就跟店員說想換去戶外的座位.
Coffee came out first. While waiting for my ‘Acai Bowl”, the customers sitting in the outside seatings left, so we asked the waitress to switch to sitting outside.

▲戶外的座位剛好在店的Logo下方, 藍色的座椅搭配黑色的墻壁, 有種說不出的文青感

The table outside is located directly below the cafe’s logo. The blue furniture and the black wall has a undescrible modern feel to it.


▲巴西莓碗 Acai Bowl NT380

店員一端上這碗 巴西莓碗, 就聽到我和同事的驚呼, 也太美了吧!!!!
這一碗不僅外表美心也美, 哈哈哈哈, 我指的是很有營養!
裡面除了含有超強的抗氧化成分的巴西莓, 還含有新鮮草莓, 覆盆莓, 藍莓, 葡萄, 香蕉, 格蘭諾拉麥片, 杏仁, 枸杞, 芝麻, 松子, 蜂蜜, 杏仁奶.
雖然價錢不便宜, 一碗要價380, 但這些新鮮食材和超級健康的美味讓我甘心付這個價錢.

When the acai bowl came, you can hear me and my friend’s surprised shout, it was so beautiful!!!
This is the most beautiful acai bowl I have seen in Taipei.
Not only is it beautiful on the outside, it is beautiful on the inside as well. Hahaha. I mean very healthy!
Besides the powerful antioxidants in acai berry, they also have strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, grapes, banana, granola, almond, medlar, sesame seeds, pine nuts, honey, almond milk.
Even though the price wasn’t cheap at 380NT a bowl, the fresh ingredients and super healthy delicious taste made me gladly fork over my money.

▲皮可洛拿鐵 Piccolo Latte NT 110

這杯皮可洛拿鐵比起一般的拿鐵少了奶味, 但卻凸顯咖啡味更加濃郁, 喝起來很香醇. 雖然小杯, 但是一樣有美麗的拉花.

The Piccolo Latte is less creamy compared to your average latte, but it brings out the taste of the coffee, very flavorful and delicious-smelling. Even though it is a small cup, it still got a beautiful latte art.


【 The Antipodean 】位在捷運港墘站附近, 從一號出口步行約8分鐘就可到達. [出站後往7-11方向沿內湖路一段直走,至港墘路後左轉後繼續直走,經過兩個紅綠燈後的第一個巷子左轉即可抵達]. 這家店整體裝飾和擺設充滿綠意, 讓人覺得清爽自然很舒服! “巴西莓碗” 讓我驚艷! 這是我在台北見過最美, 也是最好吃的巴西莓碗! 雖然價錢不便宜, 一碗要價380, 但食材新鮮多樣, 而且都很健康. 咖啡表現也很棒. 我點的皮可洛拿鐵比起一般的拿鐵少了奶味, 但卻凸顯咖啡味更加濃郁, 喝起來很香醇. 店員服務非常貼心!! 因為他們先上了咖啡, 過一段時間後才上我的巴西莓碗, 上巴西莓碗的時候, 發現我咖啡都沒喝 (那時候拉花已經消泡了), 就問我是不是要一起拍照, 我點點頭, 店員就說那幫我重新做一杯, 超體貼! 也因為店員的貼心, 我才有了上面那張,美麗巴西莓碗配漂亮拉花的照片!【 The Antipodean 】我一定會來再訪!


“The Antipodean” is located near the Gangqian subway station. It is about a 8 minutes walk from exit 1. (When you exit through exit 1, walk toward 7-11 and walk along Neihu Road. When you reach Gangqian road, take a left and continue walking straight. When you pass 2 traffic lights, take a left at the first alley and you will find the cafe. Overall, the decoration is full of greenery. Made me feel very refreshed and comfortable. The acai bowl was stunning! It was the most beautiful and most delicious one I have had in Taipei. Even though the price isn’t cheap at 380 a bowl, but there is a large variety of fresh fruits, and very healthy. The coffee was great too. The Piccolo coffee had less cream than your average latte, but it brings out the flavor of the coffee and tasted delicious. The service was friendly and attentive here! When they first served the latte, it took them a while before serving the acai bowl. When they served the acai bowl, they noticed I didn’t drink the coffee yet (the latte art has faded). They asked me if I was waiting to take pictures together. When I nodded my head, they went ahead a remade the coffee for me! So nice of them! I was only able to take the pictures with the beautiful acai bowl and latte art above because of their attentive and caring waitress. I will be sure to come visit “The Antipodean” again!


The Antipodean

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.06.15 PM


電話:(02) 8751-0027

營業時間:週一 – 五: 9:00-18:00/週六 – 週日: 9:00-19:00

Address: No. 4, Lane 26, Gangqian Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City

Phone: (02) 8751-0027

Hours: Mon – Fri : 9:00-18:00 / Sat – Sun : 9:00-19:00


  •  整體裝潢和環境很舒服
  • 不限時, 提供網路
  • 服務細心體貼
  •  只收現金
  •  Comfortable decoration and environment
  •  No dining time limit, free wi-fi
  •  Friendly and attentive service
  •  cash only

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