TwoTwo Chicken 둘둘치킨 炸雞

TwoTwo Chicken 둘둘치킨 炸雞




When we landed in Korea, it was already 7pm. When we finally got to our hotel, it was already past 10pm. After our check-in, we decided to get some Korean Fried Chicken as late-night snack.

You can find fried chicken stores everywhere in Korea. The more famous ones are called ‘KyoChon’ and ‘TwoTwo’. We decided for ‘TwoTwo’ as it is closer to our hotel.


▲這家位在明洞的「TwoTwo」開到凌晨三點。它位在地鐵4號線424明洞站的3號出口附近。從出口出來,往7-11旁邊直走, 就可以看到位在左手邊的炸雞店了
This ‘TwoTwo’ at Myeong-dong is open until 3am. It is located near the 3rd exit of the 4th lane 424 Myeong-dong subway station. From the exit, follow the road next to 7-11 and you can see the store on your left-hand side.


There were many people lined up in the to-go line. Since we don’t want our hotel room to be filled with the smell of fried chicken, we decided to dine-in.

There must be many tourists that visit this store, since the store provide menu in Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Each serving of fried chicken comes in 6 pieces. Perfect for 2 people.



From the left to right:

Upper-left: House recommended No. 1 Original Flavored Fried Chicken – 16,000 won
Bottom-left: House recommended No. 2 Sweet and Spicy Flavored Fried Chicken – 17,000 won
Upper-right: Half Original Flavored and Half Spicy Flavored Fried Chicken – 17,000 won
Bottom-right: House recommended No.3 Garlic Fried Chicken – 18,000 won




From left to right:

Upper-left: Padak Chicken – 18,000 won
Bottom-left: Boneless Fried Chicken – 17,000 won
Upper-right: Padak boneless fried chicken – 19,000 won
Bottom-right: Fried Chicken and whelk seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce – 24,000 won


Small dishes and alcohol


You must have beer to go along with Fried Chicken in Korea. It is part of their culture. Even though I don’t like beer in general, but this brand is quite refreshing.


Raddish, quite crunchy, I had some after eating the fried chicken, kind of get rid of the oily feeling you get after eating the fried chicken.


Combined (half regular, half sweet and spicy)

其實炸雞都是一模一樣的,只是調味炸雞會另外淋上一個醬汁。醬汁吃起來很像我在美國的中國餐廳會吃到的orange chicken味。酸酸甜甜微微辣的口感。我跟朋友都沒有很喜歡調味炸雞,因為醬吃到後面很膩。


The fried chicken is all the same. The only difference is that half of the chicken has sweet and spicy sauce on it. It kind of taste like the orange chicken you would see at a US Chinese restaurant. It has a sour, sweet, and slightly spicy taste.
To be honest, we didn’t like the sweet and spicy sauce as it got heavy quickly.

There are some shredded cabbage on the side of fried chicken, there is ketchup and mayonnaise on top. Nothing special.



Final verdict: My first real Korean Fried Chicken. To be honest, I am slightly disappointed. The meat is a bit too hard which made my mouth tired after chewing for a while. I also did not like the sauce. I would like to try the other chain store ‘KyoChon’ if I have the chance.
However, I finally got to try the traditional Korean Fried Chicken with beer which is a good start for my vacation.


地址(Address):首爾特別市中區南山洞2街10-1 ( 서 울 특 별 시 중 구 남 산 동 2 가 10-1)
10-1 Namsandong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

10pm – 3am


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