二條通·綠島小夜曲 The Island – 中山區, 近台北車站和中山捷運站 Zhongshan District, near Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan Station

二條通·綠島小夜曲 The Island – 中山區, 近台北車站和中山捷運站 Zhongshan District, near Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan Station


Address: Phone: (02)2531-4594
Hours: 12:00~21:00

今天晚上和同為美食愛好者的好友一起去【二條通‧綠島小夜曲】踩點. 好朋友有經營instagram分享食記, 大家快去follow 她 ?

【二條通‧綠島小夜曲】是隱藏在繁忙台北巷弄中的輕食咖啡廳. 位在中山捷運站和台北車站中間. 我從台北車站出來, 大約步行10分鐘後到達. 現今位在台北市中山區市民大道二段至南京東路一段之間的十條巷弄,在日據時代是日本人所居住的高級住宅區,儘管隨著時代及政權的更迭,原來住在這裡的日本人已經離開, 但這十條巷弄至今依然保有濃濃的日本風味. 有許多日式風格的餐廳, 咖啡廳, 酒家開設在此.

Tonight, I went along with my fellow foodie friend to “The Island”. My friend has an Instagram where she shares her dining experience, please do go follow her  ?

“The Island” is a cafe hidden within the busy alleys of Taipei. It is located between Zhongshan and Taipei Main Station. It took me about 10 minutes to get here by foot from Taipei Main Station. The 10 alleys located between Section 2 Civic Blvd,  Taipei City, Zhongshan District and Section 1 Nanjing East Rd used to be a luxury residential area for Japanese when Japan was in control of Taiwan. Even though the original Japanese occupants had already left due to regime changes, the 10 alleys still retain its Japanese style. There are many Japanese-style restaurants, cafe, and bars here.



Japanese traditional wooden style house



Both the doorsteps and signs have “No. 1  Er Tiao Tong” on them.




When you walk in, the first floor is the Island Cafe.

▲二樓則是為建築事務所, 木梯的旁邊都是滿滿的書籍

The second floor is an architecture firm, there are lots of books near the wooden staircase


▲半開放的吧臺, 可以看到店員在忙碌的調配飲品. 吧檯上還有手工司康
Half open-bar, you can see the bartender busy making drinks. There are home-made scorns on the bar as well.


Menu have coffee, salad, panini, appetizers, drinks, and desserts










▲起司三重奏帕尼尼 3 cheese panini ( Mozzarella cheese / cheddar cheese / cream cheese)  NT 220


我們選擇的是義式拖鞋麵包. 熱熱的帕尼尼加上裡面融化的起司非常誘人, 裡面除了起司之外還搭配有生菜,番茄,洋蔥. 整體口感和調味都不錯. 一旁的凱薩沙拉也算有水準而且很新鮮.

Here they provide three kinds of bread: Mexican bread, milk bread, Italian bread

We chose Italian bread. The warm panini and melted cheese look very tempting. Besides cheese, there are also lettuce, tomato, onion. Overall texture and taste are quite delicious. The side Caesar salad is decent and fresh as well.

▲奇異果優格冰沙 Kiwi yogurt smoothie NT 140

這杯奇異果優格冰沙超級綿密, 但也很難吸起來. 建議店家可以把碎冰的部分打的再碎一些, 或是換一根粗一點的吸管. 不過真材實料很好喝!

The kiwi yogurt smoothie is very dense and hard to drink through a straw. I would recommend the cafe to grind the ice even further or use a larger straw. With that said though, this drink is very delicious.


▲皇家伯爵熱奶茶 Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea NT 150

店家沒有放糖, 如果想要喝甜的朋友可以直接跟店家要糖. 用兩包伯爵茶包搭配鮮奶, 喝起來很順口. 而且店家使用的茶具和整家店的日式風格相呼應

They didn’t put any sugar in it. If you need, you can ask them for sugar. Two bags of Earl Grey with fresh milk, the tea was very smooth. The tea set they use fits quite well with the Japanese theme.

▲核桃苦甜巧克力布朗尼 Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownie  NT 140

在核桃苦甜巧克力布朗尼上面的是鮮奶油, 布朗尼外層焦脆, 吃起來比較香但會粘牙, 而裡面很濕軟. 核桃的比例沒有很多. 品嘗起來巧克力的香氣很足, 整體來說是不甜不膩的布朗尼~我個人還蠻喜歡的

There is some whipped cream on top of the dark chocolate walnut brownie. The brownie is crispy on the outside and taste delicious, but does stick on your teeth. The inside is very moist. There isn’t lots of walnut inside the brownie. The aroma of chocolate is quite strong. Overall I would say the brownie isn’t too sweet. I personally like it.


【二條通‧綠島小夜曲】是一家蠻有日式風味的咖啡廳, 這裡提供免費無線上網, 每個人低消120元. 可電話預約, 平日不限時, 假日用餐時間限時兩小時, 可攜帶寵物. 餐點和飲品的部分表現還不錯. 今天嘗試了: 起司三重奏帕尼尼  (熱熱的帕尼尼加上裡面融化的起司非常誘人, 裡面除了起司之外還搭配有生菜,番茄,洋蔥. 整體口感和調味都不錯. 一旁的凱薩沙拉也算有水準而且很新鮮).  核桃苦甜巧克力布朗尼 (布朗尼外層焦脆, 吃起來很香但會粘牙, 而裡面很濕軟. 嘗起來巧克力的香氣很足, 整體來說是不甜不膩的布朗尼) . 奇異果優格冰沙和皇家伯爵熱奶茶都算有水準. 店員服務態度很好. 今晚的用餐體驗很愉悅的. 推薦【二條通‧綠島小夜曲】給大家!


“The Island” is a Japanese-style cafe. Here they provide free Wi-Fi and has a minimum charge of 120NT per person. They do take reservations here. There isn’t a dining time limit on weekdays, but they restrict dining to 2 hours on weekends. Pets are allowed here. Food and drinks here are decent. I tried the following today: 3 cheese panini (The warm panini with melted cheese was very tempting. Besides cheese, there is lettuce, tomato, onion. Overall, the texture and flavor are decent. The side caesar salad was pretty good and fresh as well). The Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownie (The brownie is crispy on the outside, taste delicious but does get stuck on your teeth. The inside is moist and full of the aroma of chocolate. Overall its a brownie that isn’t too sweet. The Kiwi yogurt smoothie and Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea are both decent. The service here is very friendly. I am quite happy with the dining experience tonight. I recommend “The Island” to everyone!


二條通‧綠島小夜曲  The Island







Phone: (02)2531-4594

Hours: 12:00~21:00

  • 餐點優
  •  交通便利
  •  免費提供無線上網
  • Delicious food
  •  Conveniently located
  •  Free wifi

【中山站】荷蘭小鬆餅 Cafe Poffertjes__可愛的荷蘭小鬆餅 #免費wifi #每人低消90 #雪花烏龍奶

荷蘭小鬆餅 |台北車站, 中山

Cafe Poffertjes|Taipei Main Station, ZhongShan

🚇 台北車站, 中山站

🚇 Taipei Main Station, Zhongshan Station
Address: No. 18, Lane 52, Chang’an W Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Phone: 02-2552-3252
Hours: 10:30-21:30

【荷蘭小鬆餅 Cafe Poffertjes】位在中山站和台北車站區間, 搭乘捷運的話, 建議走中山地下街, 到R2 出口, 一上來左邊就是, 很好找哦.

Cafe Poffertjes is located between ZhongShan station and Taipei Main Station. If you are taking the subway, I recommend walking through ZhongShan Underground Street to R2 exit. When you take the exit, the Cafe is on your left side, very easy to find.

▲店門口  Entrance


▲因為我們沒有預約, 不過好在是禮拜一晚上, 所以只候位了一下, 就入座了
We didn’t make a reservation, but since its a Monday night, we only waiting a little bit before getting seated.

▼奉上菜單 Here is the menu

Here they provide all-day brunch, pasta, risotto, and their signature Dutch pancakes.












▲水、醬料、紙巾自取喔  Self-served water, sauce, and napkins


After ordering, they will provide the utensils.


▲自家魚餅佐水波蛋早午餐(農夫麵包) Fish Cake with Poached Eggs Brunch $300


▲這道菜包含有: 多利魚餅與蒜味奶油菠菜佐水波蛋, 淋上意式紅醬,搭配農夫麵包,炒南瓜馬鈴薯, 沙拉. 水波蛋下面的蒜味奶油菠菜黑的像酸菜,吃起來也沒有什麼菠菜味,不推薦

This dish consists of dory fish cake, garlic cream spinach egg with Italian red sauce, along with farmer bread, pumpkin potato, salad. The spinach below the egg is blackened like pickled cabbage, and did not have much spinach taste, don’t recommend.

▲多利魚塊沙拉 Fried Dory Fish Salad $190


The fried fish didn’t use much powder and was fried perfectly. The crispy fried fish with lemon juice, along with fresh salad and tartar sauce was very refreshing and not greasy. Perfect for a hot summer day.

▲奶油野菇風味燉飯 Creamy Mushroom Risotto $225


The risotto was very creamy, quite delicious!

▲雪花烏龍奶 Oolong tea flavor $155


This is the signature Dutch pancake. It’s circular and small appearance is cute, very different from your usual pancakes. The taste is quite chewy. The oolong tea sauce and ice cream isn’t too sweet so even if I had the whole dish to myself, I would not get sick of it.




Overall the food here didn’t stand out in any particular way, but they are decent. The risotto and salad were quite delicious. The signature Dutch pancake is worth a try for sure. However, I did not find the cafe’s environment enjoyable. It is quite crowded and they did not deal with the fumes from the open kitchen well. What I was most dissatisfied was the service speed, it was horrendously slow! We waited very long until we were finally served the Dutch pancake dessert.


荷蘭小鬆餅 Cafe Poffertjes

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.20.36 PM




Address: No. 18, Lane 52, Chang’an W Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Phone: 02-2552-3252

Hours: 10:30-21:30

  •  招牌荷蘭小鬆餅 蠻特別的, 值得來試試看
  •  交通便利
  •  店內環境比較吵雜, 有油煙
  • 上菜速度慢
  •  Signature Dutch pancake is worth a try
  •  Conveniently located
  •  On the noisy side, fumes from kitchen isn’t taken care of properly
  •  Slow service speed