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點點心 Dimdimsum – 微風信義 Breeze Xinyi

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哈嘍, 好久沒有來分享我的食記了! 因為工作的關係, 我去了美國三個月, 而在美國這段時間我都用Yelp來分享和記錄我的心得. Yelp是美國最大的點評網站, 如果你在美國剛去一個陌生不熟悉的環境, 你可以使用Yelp上的評比當做參考, 減少踩到地雷的風險. 除了龐大的評比數據可以當做參考, 用戶上傳的照片是另一個我愛用Yelp的原因. 因為很多餐廳的菜單沒有照片, 而對於我們這種很注重”外表”的人來說, 其他顧客拍的照片真是在點菜的時候幫了大忙. 總而言之, 非常推薦要去美國旅遊的朋友,可以參考Yelp上的評分 我的Yelp賬號是這個. 歡迎大家也來跟我當Yelp上的好朋友, 也希望我的心得可以幫助到大家!



點點心位在微風信義的B1. 還沒到門口就可以看到長長的隊伍, 感受到【點點心點心專門店】的超旺人氣. 這是我第二次來點點心用餐, 第一次是星期六下午六點半, 那次我們排了一個多小時, 而這次是星期六下午五點左右, 我們排了十分鐘左右.

Hello, it has  been a while since my last post! Because of work, I have been in the US for the past 3 months. While in the US, I have been using Yelp to record and share my dining experiences. Yelp is the largest food review platform in the US. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar territory in the US, you can take yelp reviews into consideration to reduce the risk of eating something unplesant. Besides the abundance of user reviews, user uploaded images is another reason why I love to use Yelp. Since many restaurants do not provide pictures on their menu, it is hard for people like me who takes appearance into consideration. In these cases, having user uploaded pictures are of great help when it comes to ordering. In conclusion, I recommend those who plan to go to US to take yelp reviews into consideration whileplanning. Here is my yelp account. I welcome everyone to send me a friend request on Yelp, and I hope my reviews on yelp can help others as well.

Back to today’s restaurant:

Today I am going to share my dining experience at Dimdimsum!

Dimdimsum is located at B1 of “Breeze Xinyi” You can feel the popularity of the restaurant by the long line you see before you even get to the entrance. This marks the second time for me to come to Dimsumsum. The first time was at 6:30pm on a Saturday when I waited for more than an hour. This time we came at around 5pm for only a 10 minutes wait.

▲【點點心點心專門店】的店內裝潢走復古懷舊風格, 一抬頭就會看到各種復古招牌. 除了復古招牌外, 鳥籠造型的裝飾讓整家店多了現代感的衝擊.

Dimdimsum’s has a retro styled decoration, you can see a variety of retro signs when you look up. Besides the retro sign, the bird-caged shaped decoration injects a contrasting modern style.

▼下面的菜單, 我是直接從點點心的FB下載下來的, 菜單和價錢可能會變動, 大家可以去點點心FB上查看最新資訊

I pulled the below menu directly from Dimsumsum’s Facebook. Since the menu and pricing could change, feel free to go the Facebook page for the latest menu.

Menu 1

Menu 2


主廚推薦: 脆皮鮮蝦腸、晶瑩鮮蝦餃、蟹子燒麥皇

人氣商品: 誠實菠蘿包、豬仔流沙包、古法馬拉糕

Here are some of the Dimsumsum’s main offering:

Chef’s Recommendation: Crispy Rice Flour Roll with Shrimp, Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Pork Dumplings with Flying Fish Roe

Popular Items: Pineapple Buns with Pineapple Custard Filling, Piggy Custard Buns, Cantonese Style Steamed Sponge Cake

▲晶瑩鮮蝦餃  4顆138元   Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (4 for 138NT)

蝦餃是港式飲茶的招牌, 也是我每次必點菜色. 蝦餃外表晶瑩剔透, 皺摺立體, 一口咬下蝦肉會彈牙, 不過皮稍顯太厚.

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings has always been a main attraction at any dim sum place, and a must-order for me whenever I have dim sum. These steamed shrimp dumplings have a crystal clear skin that is folded beautifully. When i took a bite, the shrimp was very tender. However, the skin is slightly too thick for me.

▲香煎蘿蔔糕  3塊98元  Pan-fried radish cake (3 for 98NT)

蘿蔔糕搭配的是海鮮醬 和 甜辣醬. 蘿蔔糕外皮煎得恰到好處, 單吃可以感受到蘿蔔的清甜.

這裡蘿蔔糕最大的特點是可以吃到一塊一塊蘿蔔!!! 跟外面其他吃起來粉粉的蘿蔔糕不一樣, 吃的到真材實料.

The radish cake comes with Hoisin sauce and sweet chili sauce. The radish cake was fried perfectly. You can taste the sweetness of the radish cake even without any sauce.

What makes the radish cake here special is that you can taste actual bits of radishes. Very different from radish cake elsewhere which has a more powdery texture.

▲hmm 拍的很失敗的照片, 但是重點是那一塊蘿蔔塊! 吃到完整食材感覺很安心 😛

ok, this is a poorly taken picture, but the important point here is that actual bit of radish. Being able to eat full pieces of ingredients makes me feel safe 😛

▲脆皮鮮蝦腸  138元  Crispy Rice Flour Roll with Shrimp (138NT)


這是我第二次來【點點心點心專門店】的目的! 這個蝦腸讓我超驚艷的.

腸粉包裹著炸過的越南米網皮,口感有點像油條、脆脆的, 但沒有油條那麼油膩!

除此之外, 還有蝦肉和芹菜. 蝦肉新鮮Q彈, 芹菜增加清爽的口感. 腸粉皮滑嫩.

單吃就超好吃, 搭配桌上附的醬油更加美味!


Highly Recommended!

This is the reason why I came to Dimsumsum for the second time. This dish was super amazing.

The Rice flour roll has Vietnamese crisp rice on the inside which has a similar texture to fried dough sticks, but not as greasy!

In addition, it has shrimp and celery. The shrimp was tender, and celery adds a refreshing taste. The skin is smooth and tender.

This dish tasted delicious without any dipping sauce, but even more amazing with the provided soy sauce!

I recommend you eating this right away when it is served.


▲懷舊糯米雞 $128  Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf Wrap

我對糯米雞本身就還好, 但他們的糯米雞算綿密好吃.

I don’t particularly like glutinous rice in general, but I would say their glutinous rice is on the delicious side.

▲豬仔流沙包 3顆118元  Piggy Custard Buns (3 for 118NT)

這是最常在instagram和fb上看到的料理. 小豬外形很討喜, 趁熱一口咬下金黃內陷會包漿! 口感濃郁帶有奶黃香! 很推薦!

This is what you see most often on Instagram and Facebook. The piggy appearance is very cute and attracting. If you take a bite while it is still hot, the golden filling will come spurting out. The taste was creamy with a delicious aroma of the custard. Highly recommend!



【點點心點心專門店】的交通超級方便! 捷運板南線市政府站 3 號出口直接進入微風信義, 往右手邊走到底就是餐廳. 整體用餐體驗很舒服. 餐點新鮮美味, 而且感受得到廚師的用心和真材實料. 最推薦脆皮鮮蝦腸和豬仔流沙包. 其他餐點表現也在水準之上. 店員服務很好, 有需求會馬上服務. 價格算在合理接受範圍, 今天的餐點我和朋友兩個人一共682 元. 推薦給大家!


Dimsumsum is located conveniently and easy to get to. Take exit no.3 of the Bannan’s Taipei City Hall station to directly enter “Breeze Xinyi”. Take a right all the way to the end, and you will see the restaurant. Overall the dining experience was comfortable, the meal fresh and delicious, and you can taste the quality of the ingredients and how much thoughts the chef put into this dish. I highly recommend Crispy Rice Flour Roll with Shrimp and Piggy Custard Buns, and other dishes were all above standards. The service here is friendly and attentive. The pricing is reasonable. This meal cost me and my friend 682NT. I recommend this restaurant to everyone!




電話:(02) 2345-0509


Address: B1F of No. 68, Section 5, Zhongxiao E Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City (Breeze Xinyi)

Phone: (02) 2345-0509

Hours: Sun-Wed :11:00-21:30 / Thur – Sat :11:00-22:00

  • 餐點無地雷, 真材實料
  •  交通便利
  • 價格合理
  • 服務態度親切
  •  需排隊, 無法訂位
  •   All dishes were delicious and made with quality ingredients
  •   Conveniently located
  •   Reasonable price
  •  Attentive and friendly service
  •  Needs to wait and no reservation taken