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Campus Cafe-台北 Taipei

地 址 (address): 台北市內湖區基湖路3巷9號1F
No. 9, Lane 3, Jihu Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114

電 話 (phone): 02-8751-5182

營業時間 (hours): 11:00~22:00

#免費wifi #提供插座 #免服務費

Campus Cafe 網站 (Website)

下班後和好友相約來一家位於內湖的人氣餐廳-Campus Café美式校園輕食餐廳。

After work, I met up with a friend at a popular restaurant, Campus Café, located at Neihu district.

The store entrance has a huge banner that says “‘Kangxi Lai Le’ recommends this store as a Kangxi chosen cafe” (note: “Kangxi Lai Le” is a famous variety TV show in Taiwan)


This cafe has 2 floors with a spacious layout, you can see multiple projectors projecting sports game around you, I feel like I am back in a US sports bar.


Not only does the cafe broadcast live sports, it also has many athlete’s jerseys as decorations.


The couch area looks quite comfortable.


▲Campus Cafe 的招牌是一隻法國鬥牛犬
The Campus Cafe’s mascot is a French bulldog.


You can see the French bulldog everywhere as decorations or on a billboard.


You can see the place is busy even on a Monday night.


So many flags of different universities, but I could not find my UW flag ?


After sitting down, the waitress explained the dining process to us: choose your meal, mark on the menu → bring it to the cashier to pay → self serve water and utensils → finally after you finish your meal, bus your own tray.

Their newspaper-like menu is huge.






You can directly order on the menu


Bring the marked menu to the cashier to order and pay, the waitress will bring the food to you when it is ready.


▲Campus Cafe 是採自助式的服務,餐具和水都在樓梯旁,讓顧客自取
Water and utensils are next to the stairs for you to take.


▲烤嫩雞腿佐和風胡麻沙拉 Baked tender chicken leg with wafu-sesame salad $260

I asked for the dressing to be on the side


Salad in a wooden bowl is one of the speciality meal of the cafe. This one has lettuce, corn flakes, sweet pepper, walnut, and delicious-smelling tender chicken leg.

The chicken leg was baked perfectly with the chicken skin oil coming out, eating it with the sour and sweet wafu-sesame dressing is amazing.


▲奶油明太子海鮮總匯扁麵 Creamy cod roe seafood flat noodle$300


The bowl is super large, the seafood includes mussel, scallop, shrimp, crab stick. Every strand of noodle is completed covered by the sauce, quite flavorful, but a bit too heavy to finish.


▲OREO重乳酪起司蛋糕  Oreo Cheesecake $160

Oreo cookies covered both the top and bottom of the cheesecake. It kind of looks like a englarged oreo cookie. The cake was very delicious! It isn’t too sweet, and the middle part was smooth too. The only downside is that it was a bit too hard. When you cut it, the cookie tend to separate itself from the cheesecake.


▲吃完後記得將餐具, 拿到回收台喔
Don’t forget to bus your tray after you finish.


Overall, the meal amount is sufficient and also delicious, and the food comes out really fast. However, there is always a large crowd here so I recommend making a reservation.

Campus Café-內湖店 Neihu store

地 址 (address): 台北市內湖區基湖路3巷9號1F
No. 9, Lane 3, Jihu Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114

電 話 (phone): 02-8751-5182

營業時間 (hours): 11:00~22:00

Campus Cafe 網站 (Website)