【新義安和站, 東區, 大安】法朋烘焙甜點坊(Le Ruban Pâtisserie)__秒殺的老奶奶檸檬蛋糕 #只收現金 #有低消限制 #可可法朋

法朋烘焙甜點坊(Le Ruban Pâtisserie)-Café-台北


▲離捷運站有些距離的法朋烘焙甜點坊(Le Ruban Pâtisserie)位在住宅區的巷弄內

Le Ruban Pâtisserie is a cafe that is located in an alley of a residential area that is sort of far from any subway station.


▲內用低銷$200,還要再加收一成服務費,內用至少要$220,我覺得不便宜。而且限制90分鐘用餐,就算跟姊妹淘來吃點心聊天也很不划算?. 還是外帶好了.

There is a minimum charge of 200$ per person and an additional 10% service charge. ($220 per person at a minimum if you dine in). This is quite expensive for a cafe. There is also a 90 minute time limit for dine in, which means its not worth it to have my afternoon-tea chat session with friends here. So, take-out it is 🙂



Walking through the door, you can see the store name on the white wall.



The desserts at a central mobile-island are self-served, here is the trays you use near the entrance on the left side.



This is what we came for, the well-known ‘Grandma lemon cake’ for 80$


不知道為什麼這款蛋糕叫做「老奶奶檸檬蛋糕」, 只知道周圍朋友和網路上其他Blogger都很推薦這款蛋糕.

The cake was made with French Isigny butter, Japan Kumamuoto, farm-raised chicken egg, lemon sugar, and lime.

I am not exactly sure why it is called ‘Grandma lemon cake’, but all my friends and fellow bloggers all recommended this cake.


I came during a week-day at 5pm, and there are only 2 pieces left at the central mobile-island. (good thing there are still 2 pieces, otherwise I wasted a trip)



Full lemon cake.



Near the central mobile-island, there are many cookies, I saw quite a few people choosing a box of cookies for gifts. You can choose any combinations of cookies for a gift box.


You can see the pastry-chef making desserts from the window behind the cookie zone. You can see the whole process, and feel safer for consuming the product.


▲焦糖核桃咖啡捲 $65

Caramel Walnut Coffee roll.


▲法式杏桃塔 $60

French almond tower.



The dine-in zone is quite empty during a week-day, its also quite small.



There is an outside dining area, the bamboo made furnitures are quite elegant.



Bought a piece of  ‘Grandma Lemon Cake’ to go, will try it out later at night.


At the register, the cashier told me they have another store (Le Ruban Chocolat) which sells chocolate exclusively. When I asked for the address, I found out its actually not far away near Ren-Ai Elementary School, therefore I decide to pay a visit as well.



I like the storefront even better compared to the 1st store.



When I walk through the entrance, I noticed tons of chocolate on the side. I find it interesting that all their chocolate is made into a bar shape. (Perhaps its easier to make and package?)



The store also has some cake (not many left)


The chocolate is priced at around $60-$75.



There is also a cookie area where customers can make gift boxes.



I love hazelnut, so naturally I chose the $60 hazelnut chocolate



Cute bear chocolate on a stick.



The store also has soft candies, but I didn’t’ try any since I don’t particularly like soft candies.


▲二店櫃臺上的禮盒, 整體顏色搭配看起來好像精品店.

The different vibrant colored giftboxes make the shop look quite luxurious.



Similar to the first store, the kitchen is open for viewing.



Left the second store with my beloved hazelnut chocolate.


The chocolate is full of hazelnut. Its crunchy on the inside and gives a good texture, but it doesn’t really justify the $60 pricetag.



Here comes the ‘Grandma Lemon Cake’!



Since I only bought one piece of cake, the cashier was nice enough to hold the cake in place with a piece of cardboard. Therefore, the cake was still intact when I got home. This is a big plus since cake’s appearance is one of the thing I consider while grading a cake 😛


檸檬蛋糕吃來很清爽,細細品嘗會感受到檸檬的清香, 但卻不會太酸

The lemon cake is refreshing! You can feel the lemon’s scent in your mouth but not too sour.


The cake was quite perfect, not too dry, not too moist. I also love the surface powdered sugar.

法朋烘焙甜點坊(Le Ruban Pâtisserie)的另一個暢銷商品是蛋糕捲, 可惜我去的時候賣完了, 想要去嘗試的朋友可以早點去店裡現場買, 或者提前打電話去預定 🙂

下次有機會想要來試試看他們的蛋糕捲, 希望到時候可以有更完整的分享 🙂

Le Ruban Pâtisserie’s other best seller is cake roll, but unfortunately it was already sold out when I got there. I would suggest going in early or calling in to reserve if you want a taste.

I would love to try the cake roll if I have a chance, hopefully I will have a more complete sharing next time! 🙂

Le Ruban Pâtisserie 法朋烘焙甜點坊

地址(Address) : 台北市大安區仁愛路四段300巷20弄11號(近國泰醫院),

電話(Phone) : (02) 2700 3501,

營業時間(Hours) :12:00~21: 00


Le Ruban Chocolat 可可法朋

地址 (Address) : 台北市大安區仁愛路四段122巷24號(捷運信義安和站1號出口)

電話 (Phone) : (02)2700-8656

營業時間 (Hours):11:30~19:30

Store is closed every Tuesday