【南京復興】Daylight光合箱子__享受慢食的健康步調 #免費wifi #法式脆皮女士 #班尼迪克蛋

Daylight |Nanjing Fuxing


Address: No. 5, Alley 8, Lane 303, Section 3, Nanjing E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City
Phone: 02-2719-8815
Hours: 9am – 6pm


To me, eating a hearty brunch after waking up on a weekend morning is one of the best things in life. For today’s brunch, we came to ‘Daylight’, a place known for its rich & hearty side dishes.


Take the No.7 exit of the Nanjing Fuxing subway station, ‘Daylight’ is located in an alley about 3 minutes walk away.


The rusty metal sign has its own distinct style to it.


The concept of ‘Daylight’ : “Eat slowly, reimagine what is between me and the food with every bite”


The restaurant has a simple color tone with rugged industrial style


Similar to most of other restaurants that serve brunch, there is also a blackboard with drawings here. But here they don’t write out the menu, they draw it out instead. You can see from the image that there is a bountiful amount of food in front of the chef, you can deduct that you should get lots of food here!


‘Daylight’ has 1st floor and B1 floor, two layers of dining environment.


I love the picture of forests on the wall on the floor below, there is a restful and comfortable feeling here.


The floor below has seatings for a large group.


The bathroom sign also goes a rugged industrial style

Here is the menu for your viewing


The lights above the tables are a bit low, I almost hit the light with my head every time I stood up ?


All the brunch menu items came with Japanese Black Tea or Americano

▲法式脆皮女士 Gratin Toast & Ham $290


Homemade toast with French Ham littered with mozzarella cheese along with casserole, sunny-side up egg, and seasonal salad. (There is a 15-minute waiting time for this dish)


You can choose the egg to be well-done or partially-cooked. I chose partially-cooked. I got hungry just by looking at the smooth egg-yolk! Gratin Toast & Ham was baked crispy and tasty even by itself. Eating along with the French Ham and Mozzarella is even more delicious! Since I chose my egg to be partially cooked, when I cut it open, dipping the toast with the egg yolk is another good choice with a different texture added to the taste.

▲這有如小山一般的配菜沙拉,種類非常多樣!有蘿蔓、花椰菜、韭菜、紅黃椒、紅蘿蔔、洋蔥、秋葵、香菇、芭樂、鳳梨、洋地瓜、綠萵苣、紫萵苣、紅萵苣、小黃瓜、馬鈴薯、蘋果、鳳梨、芭樂 !是不是超級多樣!一次吃到這麼多種類的蔬菜水果感覺超級健康!

Here is the mountain like salad side-dish with many different kinds of veggies! There are Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli,  Leek, red and yellow pepper, carrots, onions, okra, mushrooms, guava, pineapple, sweet potatoes, green lettuce, purple lettuce, red lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, apples, pineapple, guava! So many right? This is my first-time eating so many kinds of vegetables and fruits. This feels super healthy!


Salad’s homemade dressing. You can choose between oil & vinegar and honey mustard


Some of the veggies such as onions are baked first. After baking, the onions did not have its raw sharp taste. Instead, it brought out the onion’s sweetness! This detailed processing is a big plus to this dish!

▲班尼迪克蛋 Egg Benedict $290



French Ham with 2 wavy eggs, homemade toasts with Hollandaise sauce, homemade brown-sugar nuts yogurt, seasonal salad.

This actually tastes very similar to the Gratin Toast & Ham, with the additional creamy taste of the Hollandaise sauce along with a hint of sour taste. When you cut open the partially-cooked egg, the egg yolk combined with the slightly sour Hollandaise sauce. When you dip the bite-size toasts & ham into the combined sauce, you can feel and enjoy the rich egg and smooth Hollandaise sauce’s taste. I also highly recommended this!


Similar to the Gratin Toast & Ham, Egg Benedict came with a mountain-like salad.


Brown-sugar yogurt is very delicious! It is a thick yogurt which I like. If you eat original flavor yogurt, you mind find it a bit too sour, but with brown sugar, the sweetness neutralize some of the sourness and becomes very smooth and tasty. Along with the nuts, very nutritious! The waitress told us that we should not leave this out too long as the nut may taste different if it stays inside the yogurt too long. They recommend us to eat the yogurt first.




Compared to other restaurants that serve brunch, ‘Daylight’ has a slightly more expensive pricetag. All the dishes here are about 300NT with an extra 10% service charge added. Minimum charge person here is 120NT. But for the amount of food you get, the freshness of the ingredients, and the overall appearance, I feel the money you spend here is well worth it! Today’s Gratin Toast & Ham and Egg Benedict both exceeded my expectation. The partially cooked egg with the restaurant’s homemade toast along with the french ham and cheese has just the right proportion. I did not get tired of eating either dish. As for side-dishes, I finally got to see it for myself and it is still shocking. It is like the concept of hot-pot veggies. It is the largest portion of side-salad I have ever seen at a brunch place. This also make me feel that its a good value for my money. Especially since they baked some of the veggies like onions to bring out the sweetness and neutralize the rawness of the onions. The amount of thoughts they put into making this dish is a big plus. I highly-recommend this venue for everyone!

光合箱子 Daylight





address: No. 5, Alley 8, Lane 303, Section 3, Nanjing E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

Phone: 02-2719-8815

Hours: 9am – 6pm

【天母】JB’s Diner__道地美式餐廳 #免費wifi #BBQ 雞肉沙拉 #BLAT 三明治

JB’s Diner-天母 (Tianmu)

電話:(02) 2876 1588
營業時間:08:00–22:00 (星期一公休)

Address:N0. 8, Lane 50, Tianmu E Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City
Phone:(02) 2876 1588
Hours:08:00–22:00 (Closed every Monday)
Takes reservation, takes credit card, 10% service charge will be added to the bill

我最近真的蠻常跑去天母玩的?今天來嘗試天母有名的美式餐廳JB’s Diner。

Recently I have been visiting Tianmu numerous times ?. Today, I am going to try out the Tianmu’s famous American restaurant called JB’s Diner.

▲JB’s Diner 就位在天母新光三越後方

JB’s Diner is located behind Tianmu’s Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (Department store)



When you walk through the door, you will be greeted with the American-styled sign above the bar area. In the US, you will find this kind of signs often in movie theaters, grocery store, chain restaurants, etc… Behind the bar, there is an open kitchen.


I like the stair’s style and decorations, simple and modern.


2nd floor has more dining area, I particularly like the location next to the window. You can feel the sunlight shining through the large window, and you can enjoy the street view as well.

The whole restaurant has a simple and modern design

JB’s Diner的餐點選項真的超級多,我看到眼睛都花了!因為天母外國人比較多,每道餐點店家都細心的提供中英兩種語言,而且餐點內的用料都明確標示出來!

There are lots of choices when it comes to food at JB’s Diner. My eyes got tired from looking through all the options! Since there are more foreigners in Tianmu, the restaurant provides both Chinese and English for every dish, including the ingredients!

You can take a look at the menu below.


Every table has utensils and condiments.


▲墨西哥嗆辣漢堡 Fire Bite Burger $270


Fried Jalapeños, Jalapeño Jack cheese and chipotle ranch dressing


There are fried jalapeños on top of the burger meat, which makes this burger taste slightly spicy and very appetizing! Fried  jalapeño goes very well with a juicy patty. The other toppings are on the side so you can add as you wish. The fries are just so-so, didn’t have much flavor.

▲BBQ 雞肉沙拉 BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad $330

碳烤雞肉,綜合生菜,黑豆,玉米,甜椒,香菜,番茄,酪梨,馬芝瑞拉起司及酥炸洋蔥圈,搭配BBQ 鄉村醬

Grilled chicken breast, chopped mixed green black beans, sweet corn, bell pepper, cilantro, tomato, avocado,  mozzarella and fried onion strings, served with BBQ ranch dressing.


This dish is the most satisfying and amazing dish of the day. I was surprised by the mountain-sized portion when it came out. The colorful apperance made me hungry before even taking a bit. Furthermore, I can smell the flavor of the American-style BBQ sauce, which made me nostalgic of US. There are fried onions on top of the salad, the outside is very crispy but not greasy. It is already delicious eating the fried onion alone. Below the fried onion, you can find grilled chicken breast, mixed salad, and avocado. When you thoroughly mixed the salad, every bite is fulfilling. I highly recommended this dish.

▲西南風味雞肉奶油意大利麵 Chicken & Alfredo Pasta $290

特製香煎辣味雞胸肉搭配奶油白醬 加上番茄丁,青蔥及帕米森起司

Seared Cajun seasoned chicken breast with homemade Alfredo sauce, Topped with diced tomato green onion and Parmesan.


This dish is just ordinary. It is pasta with a creamy alfredo sauce combined with seared spicy chicken breast. Overall it is appetizing, but nothing in this dish stood out to me.

▲BLT 三明治 $200

培根, 美生菜, 番茄, 鄉村醬

Bacon lettuce, tomato & ranch dressing served on slices of toasted bread


I actually ordered a BLAT ?, but they forgot the most important part, avocado! Good thing I noticed before taking a bite since it is $40 more than the regular BLT.

▲BLAT 三明治 $240

培根, 美生菜, 番茄, 鄉村醬, 酪梨

Bacon lettuce, tomato & ranch dressing served on slices of toasted bread avocado



Bacon Lettuce Tomato, also known as BLT, is the classic American sandwich. By adding avocado, it is called BLAT instead.

This is my favorite type of sandwich. BLAT has the bacon’s salty and crispy taste while the lettuce, tomato, and avocado adds a refreshing taste and take away some of the bacon’s greasiness. The ranch dressing allows the sandwich itself to be not too dry. Overall, the whole sandwich doesn’t get too heavy nor greasy. I recommend this sandwich.

▲配菜選的是時令新鮮蔬菜。中文沒有解釋烹煮方式,但英文有提到是Steamed Veggies。不加任何調味的水煮菜,超級健康!需要調味料的話也可以自行添加。

I chose seasonal vegetable as the sidedish. It turned out to be steamed veggies. Without any flavoring, the steamed veggies are super healthy! If you find the taste lacking, you can add seasoning.


JB’s Diner份量很大而且都不錯吃。BBQ 雞肉沙拉和BLAT三明治超級推薦!餐點非常美式,再加上用餐很多外國人,其實有種回到美國的錯覺。來這裡前建議提前訂位,店內可以刷卡,會加收10%服務費。店內的桌子有點太小,我們四個人四道料理,就幾乎佔滿了桌子。這裡交通對於捷運族來說有點不方便。但如果有機會到天母,推薦大家來試試看JB’s Diner。


JB’s Diner’s meals are largely sized and all taste decent. I highly recommend the BBQ chicken salad and BLAT sandwich. The dishes here are very American, along with the numerous foreigners that visit this restaurant, kind of make me feel like I am back to the US. I would recommend making reservation in advance. They do add a 10% service charge to your bill. The tables here are a bit on the small side. We had 4 people with 4 dishes, and it almost took up all the table space. In terms of ease of access, its not so subway-friendly if you rely on subway for transportation. But if you do have a chance to be in Tianmu, I recommend you come visit JB’s Diner.

JB’s Diner


電話:(02) 2876 1588

營業時間:08:00–22:00 (星期一公休)


JB’s Diner

Address:N0. 8, Lane 50, Tianmu E Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City

Phone:(02) 2876 1588

Hours:08:00–22:00 (Closed every Monday)

Takes reservation, takes credit card, 10% service charge will be added to the bill