【中山站, 雙連站】打鐵町49番地__日式小酌居酒屋 #酒蒸蛤蜊 #明太子烤雞肉串

【中山站, 雙連站】打鐵町49番地__居酒屋 #酒蒸蛤蜊 #明太子烤雞肉串

Party Team Yakitori Caffe & Bistro


電話:0975 756 625


Address: 103 Chifeng St Lane 49, #25 Datong District, Taipei City

Phone: 0975 756 625

Hours: 11:30am-12:00am

Party Team Yakitori Caffe & Bistro is located between MRT Zhongshan station and Shuanglian station, and was found and suggested by my friend.


The storefront is quite small and not really eye-catching.



It was a rainy Saturday night at around 6, but it was already filled with people!!



The menu blackboard at the entrance, currently also serving as a raincoat rack due to the rain. ☔️



Because we don’t mind sharing tables, we didn’t’ need to wait for a seat. The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere with its dim lighting and Japanese music.



You can find Japanese everywhere in the restaurant, kind of make me feel like I am in Japan.



The counter is stashed with lots and lots of alcohol. (I mean what do you expect from a Japanese-style Yakitori place ?)



Here is the small open kitchen cramped with 3-4 chefs. The service is quite fast though.


店裡空間不大,所以桌子下面提供竹籃給客人放東西。因為我當天還帶著一盒買給朋友的禮物,店家發現我放不進去,也發現是禮物,貼心的跟我說他幫我放在另一個地方不會壓到,但我要記得跟他拿 ?

Since the restaurant itself is cramped, the restaurant provides baskets below your table for storing your personal belongings. The waitress saw that I could not fit a gift I bought for my friend into the basket and nicely offered to put it somewhere else safe for me, as long as I remember to get it back from her. ?



Hand-written menu



Unless you are careful, it is easy to miss a dish from this hand-written menu.



Alcohol menu



The back of the alcohol menu has the restaurant info. This restaurant doesn’t have any business card, but you can look for them on facebook by searching for ‘打鐵町49番地’.


▲梅乃宿 柚子酒 umenoyado yuzu shu (NT180)

一入口就驚為天人, 濃郁的柚子香在嘴裡散開,喝起來酸酸甜甜。非常爽口好喝!

 This alcoholic drink tasted amazing! The flavorful yuzu smell and its sour and sweet taste was very refreshing and delicious!


▲特調 hmmmm 我沒有很愛,

這是店員推薦的特調, 但發現我不愛後有換柚子酒給我. 小小讚許一下他們的服務.

A waitress recommended this cocktail to me, but I did not like it. When they found out I didn’t like it, they switched it out for a yuzu shu at no cost.  Big plus to their customer service.


▲烤玉米筍 Baked baby corn NT60

鮮甜的烤玉米筍上面灑上香鬆,一入口就驚呼好吃! 一口咬下去感受得到清脆的滋味,也讓我們胃口大開!

Freshly baked baby corn with shiang song was sweet and delicious tasting! Every bite was pleasing and appetizing.


▲味增松阪豬 Miso Matsusaka pork NT190

因為朋友不愛肥肉,所以我們沒有點店員推薦的「鹽烤三層肉」,而是選擇肉質比較瘦的「味增松阪豬」. 外表烤的些許焦的松阪豬配上甜甜鹹鹹的味增醬和嗆辣的蔥花,是一道重口味的料理,很適合下酒!只是肉質稍微有點太硬,咬到後面嘴巴有點酸。

Since my friend isn’t fond of fatty meats, so we didn’t order the ‘salt baked pork belly’ recommended by the waitress. Instead, we ordered the ‘Miso Matsusaka Pork’ which had leaner meat. The crispy surface, sweet and sour miso sauce, and scallion made it a heavy dish and very complimentary to alcohol. However, the meat was slightly too dry and my mouth was kind of sore from all the chewing.


▲酒蒸蛤蜊 Wine-Steamed Clams NT120


The clam soup is made with ginger, scallion, basil, and wine. You can taste the sweetness of the calm and the wine as well. The bowl was full with clams and very satisfying.


▲綜合嫩雞八味串 Chicken Mix Skewers NT 480


Here is my ranking from my favorite to my least favorite
Mentaiko (Cod roe) > Cheese > Seaweed > Original > Scallion > Pesto > Curry > Sour & Spicy


▲明太子烤雞肉串 Mentaiko (Cod roe) Yakitori NT120


(Drumroll please…) Highly recommended this dish, this is the best skewer of the night! You must have this while it is still hot. When you take a bite, the mentaiko mayo on the outside of the chicken melts in your mouth. Since is chicken lege, the meat is also very tender. The mentaiko’s flavor and chicken are just amazing together and hence my #1 dish of the night! ?


▲烤杏鮑菇 Grilled King Mushroom NT 80
奶油味非常的濃郁, 吃起來很有較勁, 也很多汁
It’s got a creamy butter flavor, chewy, and quite juicy as well.


▲烤香菇 Grilled mushroom NT 60
烤香菇雖然很常見, 但是烤的好不好吃也需要技巧。

Grilled mushroom is common, but it is still a skill to roast it right.
The grilled mushroom here did not lose water by grilling.
Each individual mushroom lock the water inside.
Along with simple seasoning, they brought out the mushroom’s innate mushroom.


▲烤鮭魚飯團 Baked salmon onigiri (rice ball) NT65


I personally like baked onigiri in general since I am fond of the rice crust on the surface of the onigiri. However, this onigiri is just average in my opinion compared to other onigiris I’ve had before.


▲烤麻糬 Baked Mochi NT90


After all the savory dishes, we wanted to have a sweet dish for a perfect ending to our dinner. The surface is baked until brown and the mochi is filled with condensed milk. Before you eat it you would cover it with the peanut powder. You can taste the baked mochi’s one-of-a-kind charred smell, so delicious! This ended our meal perfectly.

這一餐我們吃了NT 1150,應該是有加收一成服務費。算是不便宜的居酒屋,但幾乎無地雷!讓我默默加入口袋名單!

Overall we spent NT 1150 for two people, I am guessing there is a 10% tip added. This is on the expensive side, but I didn’t have anything that I didn’t like. I am adding this place to my  pocket-list.!

打鐵町49番地 (Party Team Yakitori Caffe & Bistro)



電話:0975 756 625


Address: 103 Chifeng St Lane 49, #25 Datong District, Taipei City

Phone: 0975 756 625

Hours: 11:30am-12:00am

  • 餐點無地雷
  • 串燒好吃
  • 服務不錯
  •  吃下來算貴
  •  Delicious food
  •  Yakitori are amazing
  • Good Service
  •  On the expensive side