【忠孝新生】Paper St. Coffee Company__華山文創園區對面的特色咖啡廳 #拿鐵 #無wifi #不限時

Paper St. Coffee Company|忠孝新生 Zhongxiao Xinsheng

🚇 忠孝新生
電話:(02) 2351-0202
交通路線: 搭乘捷運至忠孝新生站1號出口, 步行約3分鐘後即可抵達
#無wifi #不限時

🚇  Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station
Address: No. 28, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
Phone:(02) 2351-0202
Hours: 10:00-20:00
Transportation: 3 minutes walk from exit 1 of Xhongxiao Xinsheng Station
No Wi-Fi / No dining time limit 


【 Paper St. Coffee Company 】

My friend introduced this cafe to me a long time ago.
I was told there was an amazing cafe located across Huashan Creative Park.
However, since it doesn’t provide Wi-Fi, I never got a chance to visit due to not being able to bring my laptop there for work.

On a weekend afternoon, I went to this special cafe alone with a book. This cafe is called “Paper St. Coffee Company”


▲【 Paper St. Coffee Company 】位在八德路上
搭乘捷運至忠孝新生站1號出口, 步行約3分鐘後即可抵達

“Paper St. Coffee Company” is located on Bade Road.
It is about 3 minutes walk from exit 1 of Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station.


【 Paper St. Coffee Company 】主要有:
Black Coffee、White Coffee 和 Filter Coffee,

You can find the menu on the wall outside.
“Paper St. Coffee Company” mainly serves black coffee, white coffee, and filter coffee.



The store entrance has a simple and low profile.
It has a foreign feeling with the black and white color theme along with the concrete floor.


▲不免俗的來張 #fromwhereistand

Of course, I need an Instagram-worthy picture: #fromwhereistand



The cafe isn’t large. The large & clear windows allow plenty of lights into the cafe.
I personally love the bar style seatings on the right side when you enter the cafe since you can watch the traffic and pedestrians on the outside.
Dozing off is also an enjoyment of life.


▲拿鐵 Latte NT$130



I haven’t drink such a delicious latte in a while!
I love the smooth and flavorful taste of a latte that combines the coffee and milk foam perfectly.
Their milk foam is balanced and delicate.
This small cup is full of flavorful milk and coffee taste and deserving of praise.



【 Paper St. Coffee Company 】位在華山文創園區對面
但提供超棒的咖啡 ☕️


Paper St. Coffee Company is located across from Huashan Creative Park.
Here they do not provide Wi-Fi but provide amazing coffee.
Their latte has won my heart over.
I love the smooth and flavorful taste of a latte that combines the coffee and milk foam perfectly.
This small cup is full of flavorful milk and coffee taste and deserving of praise.

Paper St. Coffee Company


電話:(02) 2351-0202


Address: No. 28, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Phone:(02) 2351-0202

Hours: 10:00-20:00

  •  咖啡好喝
  •  交通便利
    •  Delicious coffee
    •  Conveniently located


【高雄, 新興區】興趣 x simtree__咖啡廳 #免費wifi #提供插座 #不限時 #手沖咖啡 #伯爵奶茶千層

興趣 x simtree — 高雄 Kaohsiung


Address: N0. 73, Zhongzheng 3d Rd, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City
Phone: (07)215-7766
Hours during soft-opening: 14:00 – 22:00
No service charge / Wi-Fi / power outlets available

最近我愛亂點Instagram的新愛好又讓我找到一家新的咖啡廳 ── 【興趣 x simtree】.

simtree的SIM代表:Self-conscious自我意識, Intention意向,Moral道德。

【興趣 x Simtree 在捷運美麗島站附近的中正路和仁愛路上。

I have found another coffee shop due to my recently acquired hobby of exploring around Instagram, it is a coffee shop named simtree. The beautiful pictures on Instagram made me decide to check out the place myself.

After some researching online, I found that this coffee shop is a new local coffee brand in Kaohsiung.
The large tree logo is representative of how the company, like a large tree, takes care of its employees and grows with the employees. The transparent measuring beaker represents how simtree does everything with precision and have an honest attitude toward its customers.

The SIM in Simtree means : self-conscious, intention and moral.

Simtree sounds similar to “hobby” in Chinese. Perhaps that is why the Chinese name is called “xingqu” (hobby).

Simtree is located near Formosa Boulevard Subway station at the intersection of Zhongzheng rd. and Renai rd.

The light gray appearance with a large green tree is very eye-catching.

在試營運階段有免費辦會員的活動, 但要求先跟門口的樹拍照FB打卡并設定為公開。

During soft-opening, there is a promotion for free membership. However, you will first need to take a picture with the green tree outside and check-in through Facebook with privacy set to public.
Once you have checked-in you can get in line to apply for membership. (Currently, membership is free, I recommend applying for membership first since member pricing is a lot cheaper than non-member pricing)

▼會員的權利如下: Here are the perks of being a simtree member



▲看到門口的履歷箱,我發現店名【興趣 x simtree】中的sim是不是也可以解釋為:
 Science(科學)  Irrigation(灌溉)  Meal(食物)。

When I saw the resume box, I discovered that the SIM in Simtree perhaps also stand for:
Science, Irrigation, Meal

I love the design here, simple and spacious.


With a modern industrial design, along with bare cement columns and overhanging lights. It has quite an American style.

The employees will show you hands-on pour-over coffee on this tricycle.

▲自助磨豆機 DIY Coffee grinder

▲櫃檯(我覺得他們店員有挑過臉蛋 ??? )

Cashier (I think they take looks into employees hiring consideration ???)



Pour-over coffee area:

Currently, they have 6 kinds of coffee beans to choose from. You can open the container to smell the coffee beans. After you have found what you like you can take a card and bring it to the cashier.

img_0783  img_0784



As of now, there aren’t many bread and desserts selection to choose from.


Their bread are quite large sizes, and desserts are quite exquisite.
Besides these, you have some light food to choose from such as burgers and salads.


The store also sells coffee beans and coffee gears. They all looked to be of high quality. However, the price isn’t cheap either.


▲樓梯上的小驚喜: Small surprise on the stairs:
『All you need is love and more coffee』 你只需要愛跟更多的咖啡~
『Life is too short to drink bad coffee』人生太短~不應該喝不好的咖啡~

▲二樓環境 2nd floor


▲這裡不僅有提供wifi 還有提供充電插座, 重點還有USB孔!好適合來這邊喝咖啡用電腦 ?

Not only do they provide Wi-Fi and power outlets, they also have USB ports! Very suited to come here to drink coffee and use computer


▲伯爵奶茶千層 Earl Grey Milk Tea Mille Crepes 會員 (Member) NT 135 原價 (Non-Member) NT 160

【興趣 x simtree】的包裝和餐具也太有質感了吧!
伯爵奶茶千層 超級好吃!一入口就可以品嘗到伯爵茶味在嘴裡劃開。不會太甜,吃完這一個也不覺得膩。

The packaging and utensils of Simtree have such a high-quality feel to it!
From the serving tray to the cake’s box to the fork, they have all have won my heart.
For someone like me with a fetish for wooden utensils and kitchenware, this place really brightens my day.
The Earl Grey Milk Tea Mille Crepes is super delicious! You can taste the earl grey’s aroma spread in my mouth right away. It isn’t too sweet, and I didn’t get tired of it even after eating one.


▲閃電酥皮泡芙 會員 (Member) NT 59 原價 (Non-Member) NT 75

這個閃電酥皮泡芙外形類似于可頌, 但裡面卻多了香草口味的內陷。 外皮酥脆還真的蠻像可頌的口感。裡面的內陷不會太甜膩, 整體表現還ok。


▲拿鐵 Latte 會員 (Member) NT 65 原價 (Non-member) NT 120

會員價幾乎是原價的一半, 所以真的是辦會員卡比較划算。
拿到咖啡的時候, 我就被杯子的觸感嚇到, 可以感覺出紙杯的材質很厚,

Member price is almost half of the non-member price, so it is definitely worth getting the free membership. When I got the coffee, I was shocked by the texture and quality of the cup. You can feel the cup’s material is quite thick and insulating. When you hold the cup, it is not hot at all. Besides being shiny and thick, the opening is re-closable. Their latte is a bit heavy on the milk compared to other coffee shops, very smooth and delicious.




一開始Instagram上的照片就讓我對【興趣 x simtree】很有好感,而實際走訪後讓我更愛這家店。很多細節都讓我驚喜; 從整家店的風格設計 到 咖啡杯的質感 都超乎我的期待。店內有很多咖啡知識和技能的教學,也有販賣咖啡沖泡的器具,讓客人可以自行挑選,很適合咖啡愛好者。這次品嘗的伯爵奶茶千層超級好吃!一入口就可以品嘗到伯爵茶味在嘴裡劃開。不會太甜,吃完這一個也不覺得膩。而拿鐵表現也很棒!好期待他們的正式營運!

It all started with being intrigued by the simtree pictures on Instagram. Visiting the coffee shop physically made me fell in love with the place even more! I was surprised with many fine details of the coffee shop; from the design style to the coffee cups, they have all exceeded my expectation. Inside the coffee shop, there are lots of coffee knowledge and skill to be learned, and they sell a variety of coffee gears for customers to freely choose. This place is a heaven for any coffee lover. The Earl Grey Milk Tea Mille Crepe was also amazing! I could feel the earl grey’s aroma spread in my mouth, it wasn’t too sweet and I did not get tired of eating it. The latte was great as well. I look forward to their grand opening!

興趣 x simtree

電話:(07) 215-7766
營業時間:14:00 – 22:00

Address: N0. 73, Zhongzheng 3d Rd, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City
Phone:(07) 215-7766
Hours: 14:00 – 22:00

  • 無服務費/Wifi/提供插座
  •  環境很有質感
  •  交通便利
  •  No service charge / Wi-Fi / power outlets available
  •  Great environment
  •  Conveniently located