【忠孝敦化】The Lobby of Simple Kaffa | Hotel V__東區華麗歐式建築中的冠軍咖啡 #免費wifi #插座 #不限時 #不收服務費 #每人低消一飲品 #不一定有提拉米蘇 #太妃糖烤杏仁牛奶 #快點喝卡布奇諾

The Lobby of Simple Kaffa | Hotel V-東區 (Eastern District)


#免費wifi #插座 #不限時 #不收服務費 #每人低消一飲品

Address: No. 48, Lane 177, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City
Phone: 02-8771-1127
Sun-Thur: 12:30 – 21:30
Fri, Sat: 12:30 – 22:00

今天要去嘗試位在東區隱秘的咖啡店 “ The Lobby of Simple Kaffa ”。

在第二個路口就會看到「Hotel V」,
而「The Lobby of Simple Kaffa」位在「Hotel V」 B1樓層。

Today I am going to try out a coffee shop hidden in the Eastern District called “The Lobby of Simple Kaffa”

Take the No.2 exit of the Subway Bannan line’s  Zhongxiao Dunhua station.
Take a left into the alley next to “ZARA”.
You will see a “Hotel V” at the second intersection.
“The Lobby Simple Kaffa” is located on the B1 floor of the “Hotel V”

▲Hotel V 其實不是一間Hotel,而是一間品牌精品商場。

‘Hotel V’ is actually not a hotel, it is a luxury brand department store.


The sign on the first floor of “hotel v” tells me I am at the right place.

▲Hotel V的外觀好像歐洲小鎮。
讓Hotel V與東區周圍其他店家形成鮮明的對比。

Hotel V’s appearance is like that of  a small European town.
The wall has purple vines grown all over it.
The arch doorways and the white window frames made Hotel V stood out from the rest of stores in the Eastern District.


I love how this sign is surrounded by vines and other plants. I feel like this place would be beautiful for pictures on a nicer day.


I came on a weekday night, therefore, I got a chance to take pictures of the restaurant while it is empty. The restaurant has a European country-side style design with white wooden table and chairs along with wooden floors.

▲店內提供四款點心。 Here they provide 4 kinds of desserts



If you choose to dine-in, you may consider the “Good Role Model Combo Meal” : Drinks + any desserts have a 40NT discount. Also, getting a 2nd drink here will be 40NT off.

Every customer is required to buy at least one drink. 10% service charge will be added to your bill.

▼下面是飲品Menu 大家可以參考

Here is the drink menu.

▲太妃糖烤杏仁牛奶 熱 $160  Toffee Roasted Almond Milk


I thought ‘ Toffee Roasted Almond Milk’ would be roasted toffee on top of the almond milk.
Actually, it turns out to be milk with cream with roasted almond and toffees littered on top.
Looks so delicious! The roasted almond bits smells awesome!
The toffee made the milk sweet but not too sweet.
They also give you a small spoon for mixing or digging for almond bits.

▲快點喝卡布奇諾 $140  Drink-quickly cappuccino


這杯卡布奇諾只有6oz 小小一杯,配上漂亮的心型拉花,感覺很精緻。一入口咖啡味道非常香濃,喝起來很滑順!雖然有點小貴,但喝得出咖啡的高品質。

Warm combined cream milk and espresso, you should drink this quikly!

This cappuccino is very small sized at 6 oz. Looks very high-quality with the heart-shaped latte art. The first sip was very flavorful and goes down smoothly. Its a bit pricey, but you can taste the high quality of the coffee.

▲不一定有提拉米蘇 原價$220     We-may-not-have Tiramisu


(On the side note, I realized that this tiramisu’s picture on the web are all not pretty. When I came into the phyisical restaurant, I’ve noticed its hard to get a pretty picture of it due to its irregular shape.

▲加入四種酒做調味:宮城峽、havana 7 year rum、Whisky、Kahlua、Baileys。

Tiramisu was made using 4 kinds of alcohol: Havana 7 year rum, whisky, Kahlua, and Baileys.
This tiramisu was so delicious!
The coffee and alcohol taste spread in your mouth quickly with the first bite.
It tasted bitter and sweet at the same time. I couldn’t stop myself from taking bites after bites.
Even though there isn’t any whipped cream, it is still soft and moist.
When you eat this you should be mindful that the chocolate powder can get stuck on your teeth.



The Lobby of Simple Kaffa隱藏在東區中,其歐式鄉村風讓它顯得很特別。



The Lobby of Simple Kaffa is hidden inside Eastern District. The European rustic-style makes it one of a kind. The coffee is flavorful, and you can feel the coffee’s high quality. The Toffee roasted almond milk has an interesting taste. The roasted almond and toffee on top of the cream allow the milk to be sweet, but not too sweet and adds a hint of almond flavor. Too bad the matcha roll has sold out. However, the tiramisu did not disappoint. The coffee and alcohol taste spread in my mouth with every bite. It tasted bittersweet, very suited for adults. Here they add 10% service charge to your bill. Minimum charge is one drink per person, but there isn’t a dining time limit. You can make a reservation here on weekdays only. If you are here shopping at the Eastern District, why not stop here for a relaxing afternoon tea session!

The Lobby of Simple Kaffa | Hotel V






The Lobby of Simple Kaffa | Hotel V

Address: No. 48, Lane 177, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

Phone: 02-8771-1127


Sun-Thur: 12:30 – 21:30

Fri, Sat: 12:30 – 22:00

【忠孝敦化】Soma特調飲品__東區時尚飲品 #原味茶歐蕾

Soma特調飲品 Tea & Mocktail-東區 (Eastern District)

營業時間:週一-週五:12:00 到 22:00 / 週六-週日:14:00 到 22:00

Address: No. 23, Lane 187, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City
Phone: 02-2772-6602
Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-22:00 / Sat-Sun: 14:00-22:00
Holidays: Irregular holidays

今天來推薦一家非連鎖的飲料店-SOMA 特調飲品。

Today I am going to recommend a non-chain beverage store called ‘Soma Tea & Mocktail’

▲Soma位在東區   Soma is located at Eastern District


Take the No.1 Exit of the Bannan Line’s Zhongxiao Dunhua Subway Station. Walk in the alley of the T.K. K. Fried chicken. Soma is located at the 2nd alley on your left next to a 7-11.


I was attracted by the colorful pieces of boards on the right when I walk into Soma. These pieces of boards are drink cards that show the drinks’ name and price. If a drink is sold out, the store will marked them appropriately to let customers know.


The menu below comes directly from their Facebook Fan Page. Soma’s drink comes in three main types: SOMA Mocktail, Golden Fruit Tea, and Milk Tea. Besides these three types, they also have seasonal only drinks.


Their counter have iPad that also displays the full menu.


Behind the counter, I found the Nespresso capsules wall quite good-looking. I found on the internet that ‘Nespresso Italian Yuanyang’ is what SOMA is known for. However, I came for a drink at night so I didn’t dare to drink something with that much caffeine. Therefore, I had to give up on the Nespresso today, I will give it a try next time I come here.


The hand-drawn blackboard clock is quite playful.

▲原味茶歐蕾$50    Original Milk Tea$50

原味茶歐蕾其實也就是奶茶,$50的價錢和其他連鎖手搖杯的價位差不多。店員建議我喝二分糖 少冰,我就想也沒想的答應,哈哈哈哈,店員都推薦了,就喝喝看。他們的奶茶是用脫脂奶粉調配,我本來還擔心會喝不習慣,但其實完全不會。喝起來滑順不甜膩!茶歐蕾是使用三種紅茶茶葉(斯里蘭卡,台灣,印度產地)調配,喝得出茶香味,而茶香味又不會太重。超級推薦!這裡只收現金喔。唯一美中不足的是店內有點小,客人多的時候會比較擁擠。

Original Milk Tea at Soma costs 50NT. It’s priced similarly to other bubble tea stores. The waitress recommended me to get it with 20% sugar + less ice. I agreed without thinking too much, lol. Since they recommended it, I mind as well try it. Unlike other bubble tea shops, their milk tea is made with skim milk powder. Originally, I was afraid that I may not be used to the taste, but I was proved wrong. It tasted quite smooth with just the right sweetness. This milk tea is made using 3 different kinds of black tea leaves (From Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and India). The tea flavor and smell was so delicious. Highly-recommended! Note: they only take cash here. The only downside is that this establishment is small and gets crowded easily.




營業時間:週一-週五:12:00 到 22:00 / 週六-週日:14:00 到 22:00


Soma Tea & Mocktail

Address: No. 23, Lane 187, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City

Phone: 02-2772-6602

Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-22:00 / Sat-Sun: 14:00-22:00

Holidays: Irregular holidays

【天母】JB’s Diner__道地美式餐廳 #免費wifi #BBQ 雞肉沙拉 #BLAT 三明治

JB’s Diner-天母 (Tianmu)

電話:(02) 2876 1588
營業時間:08:00–22:00 (星期一公休)

Address:N0. 8, Lane 50, Tianmu E Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City
Phone:(02) 2876 1588
Hours:08:00–22:00 (Closed every Monday)
Takes reservation, takes credit card, 10% service charge will be added to the bill

我最近真的蠻常跑去天母玩的?今天來嘗試天母有名的美式餐廳JB’s Diner。

Recently I have been visiting Tianmu numerous times ?. Today, I am going to try out the Tianmu’s famous American restaurant called JB’s Diner.

▲JB’s Diner 就位在天母新光三越後方

JB’s Diner is located behind Tianmu’s Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (Department store)



When you walk through the door, you will be greeted with the American-styled sign above the bar area. In the US, you will find this kind of signs often in movie theaters, grocery store, chain restaurants, etc… Behind the bar, there is an open kitchen.


I like the stair’s style and decorations, simple and modern.


2nd floor has more dining area, I particularly like the location next to the window. You can feel the sunlight shining through the large window, and you can enjoy the street view as well.

The whole restaurant has a simple and modern design

JB’s Diner的餐點選項真的超級多,我看到眼睛都花了!因為天母外國人比較多,每道餐點店家都細心的提供中英兩種語言,而且餐點內的用料都明確標示出來!

There are lots of choices when it comes to food at JB’s Diner. My eyes got tired from looking through all the options! Since there are more foreigners in Tianmu, the restaurant provides both Chinese and English for every dish, including the ingredients!

You can take a look at the menu below.


Every table has utensils and condiments.


▲墨西哥嗆辣漢堡 Fire Bite Burger $270


Fried Jalapeños, Jalapeño Jack cheese and chipotle ranch dressing


There are fried jalapeños on top of the burger meat, which makes this burger taste slightly spicy and very appetizing! Fried  jalapeño goes very well with a juicy patty. The other toppings are on the side so you can add as you wish. The fries are just so-so, didn’t have much flavor.

▲BBQ 雞肉沙拉 BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad $330

碳烤雞肉,綜合生菜,黑豆,玉米,甜椒,香菜,番茄,酪梨,馬芝瑞拉起司及酥炸洋蔥圈,搭配BBQ 鄉村醬

Grilled chicken breast, chopped mixed green black beans, sweet corn, bell pepper, cilantro, tomato, avocado,  mozzarella and fried onion strings, served with BBQ ranch dressing.


This dish is the most satisfying and amazing dish of the day. I was surprised by the mountain-sized portion when it came out. The colorful apperance made me hungry before even taking a bit. Furthermore, I can smell the flavor of the American-style BBQ sauce, which made me nostalgic of US. There are fried onions on top of the salad, the outside is very crispy but not greasy. It is already delicious eating the fried onion alone. Below the fried onion, you can find grilled chicken breast, mixed salad, and avocado. When you thoroughly mixed the salad, every bite is fulfilling. I highly recommended this dish.

▲西南風味雞肉奶油意大利麵 Chicken & Alfredo Pasta $290

特製香煎辣味雞胸肉搭配奶油白醬 加上番茄丁,青蔥及帕米森起司

Seared Cajun seasoned chicken breast with homemade Alfredo sauce, Topped with diced tomato green onion and Parmesan.


This dish is just ordinary. It is pasta with a creamy alfredo sauce combined with seared spicy chicken breast. Overall it is appetizing, but nothing in this dish stood out to me.

▲BLT 三明治 $200

培根, 美生菜, 番茄, 鄉村醬

Bacon lettuce, tomato & ranch dressing served on slices of toasted bread


I actually ordered a BLAT ?, but they forgot the most important part, avocado! Good thing I noticed before taking a bite since it is $40 more than the regular BLT.

▲BLAT 三明治 $240

培根, 美生菜, 番茄, 鄉村醬, 酪梨

Bacon lettuce, tomato & ranch dressing served on slices of toasted bread avocado



Bacon Lettuce Tomato, also known as BLT, is the classic American sandwich. By adding avocado, it is called BLAT instead.

This is my favorite type of sandwich. BLAT has the bacon’s salty and crispy taste while the lettuce, tomato, and avocado adds a refreshing taste and take away some of the bacon’s greasiness. The ranch dressing allows the sandwich itself to be not too dry. Overall, the whole sandwich doesn’t get too heavy nor greasy. I recommend this sandwich.

▲配菜選的是時令新鮮蔬菜。中文沒有解釋烹煮方式,但英文有提到是Steamed Veggies。不加任何調味的水煮菜,超級健康!需要調味料的話也可以自行添加。

I chose seasonal vegetable as the sidedish. It turned out to be steamed veggies. Without any flavoring, the steamed veggies are super healthy! If you find the taste lacking, you can add seasoning.


JB’s Diner份量很大而且都不錯吃。BBQ 雞肉沙拉和BLAT三明治超級推薦!餐點非常美式,再加上用餐很多外國人,其實有種回到美國的錯覺。來這裡前建議提前訂位,店內可以刷卡,會加收10%服務費。店內的桌子有點太小,我們四個人四道料理,就幾乎佔滿了桌子。這裡交通對於捷運族來說有點不方便。但如果有機會到天母,推薦大家來試試看JB’s Diner。


JB’s Diner’s meals are largely sized and all taste decent. I highly recommend the BBQ chicken salad and BLAT sandwich. The dishes here are very American, along with the numerous foreigners that visit this restaurant, kind of make me feel like I am back to the US. I would recommend making reservation in advance. They do add a 10% service charge to your bill. The tables here are a bit on the small side. We had 4 people with 4 dishes, and it almost took up all the table space. In terms of ease of access, its not so subway-friendly if you rely on subway for transportation. But if you do have a chance to be in Tianmu, I recommend you come visit JB’s Diner.

JB’s Diner


電話:(02) 2876 1588

營業時間:08:00–22:00 (星期一公休)


JB’s Diner

Address:N0. 8, Lane 50, Tianmu E Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City

Phone:(02) 2876 1588

Hours:08:00–22:00 (Closed every Monday)

Takes reservation, takes credit card, 10% service charge will be added to the bill

【板橋, 江子翠】Yuly早午餐吧__平價早午餐 #免費wifi #插座 #花生醬起司牛肉漢堡

Yuly早午餐吧 – Brunch&Coffee-江子翠 (Jiangzicui)

營業時間:8:00~18:00 (週一公休)

Address:  No. 16, Lane 10, Section 3, Shuangshi Rd, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
Hours:Tue – Sun 8:00~18:00, Closed Monday
Free wifi, outlets, no service charge

Yuly 早午餐吧 Brunch & Coffee位在江子翠站附近. 從捷運板南線江子翠站1號出口出來,直走後第一條巷子右轉,再走個一分鐘就會看到Yuly的招牌了。

‘Yuly Brunch & coffee’ is located near the Jiangzicui subway station. After you take the No.1 exit of the Jiangzicui subway station, take a right at the first alley and you will see the ‘Yuly”s sign after about 1 minute.


Yuly has a large storefront so you shouldn’t miss it

▲現在的餐廳都流行有黑板來手繪菜單, 但我覺得最美的還是高三孝的黑板.

Seems like most restaurants today use blackboard for a hand written menu. However, my favorite so far is still the blackboard at Gao San Siao.


You can find an open kitchen behind the counter, every dish here is made fresh after you order.


Here you pay first before getting your meal. When you take your seat, you directly mark on the menu and bring the menu to the cashier to pay.


All the dishes here cost less than $100 on average, even if you make it a combo meal, it is about $150. The price here is a pretty good deal for brunch.


Besides sandwiches, burgers, omelet, pasta, and other brunch dishes, they also provide waffles, desserts, coffee. You can choose this restaurant for your afternoon tea session.


No service charge here, so utensils, water, and condiments are all self-serve.


Free Wifi~~

▲法式奶茶(左)  蜂蜜檸檬汁 (右)
French Milk Tea (Left)   Honey Lemon Juice (Right)

兩份飲品喝起來都像一般台式早餐店會喝到的味道. 這兩個飲品是隨套餐附上的, 如果想要升級為其他飲料可以折抵$20

Both drinks above taste like your normal Taiwan breakfast store. These two drinks came with the combo meal, if you want to upgrade your drink, its 20$ off the marked price.

▲醬燒豬肉皮塔餅  $90 +套餐 (脆薯,時蔬沙拉,飲品)$65= $155

Pita bread with Pork $90 + combo (fries, salad, drink) $65 = $155


From the internet, pita is a middle-eastern traditional circular bread. The steam from the making process causes the pita to expand and create a hollowed inside. This process is how pita got its name. The pita at ‘Yuly’ is quite tough, I recommend directly using your hand to eat. Don’t use forks and knives since it isn’t easy to cut and the inside fillings may fall out. Inside the pita, you can find pork and fresh veggies, the pork is seasoned just right, overall the food is refreshing and not too greasy.

▲花生醬起司牛肉漢堡  $100 +套餐 (脆薯,時蔬沙拉,飲品)$65= $165
Cheeseburger with peanut butter $100 + combo (fries, salad, drink) $65 = $165


The peanut butter on top of the burger is very tempting, I did spread it out evenly before eating the burger.


Because of the peanut butter, the burger tasted sweet and salty at the same time, very delicious smelling and tasting. The burger is a bit too well done for my taste but doesn’t taste dry so not too bad. The burger buns here are a bit too soft, it would be better if its harder and crispier.

▲這裡的餐點都有附上一小碟「起司醬」,起司醬裡面有墨西哥辣椒, 吃起來有點微微酸酸辣辣的。我很喜歡!這個起司醬無論抹在主餐上或是配薯條都很好吃!

All the dishes here include a small cup of ‘cheese sauce’. This ‘cheese sauce’ includes jalapenos so it’s a bit sour and spicy. I love this sauce as this goes well with your entree and fries!


在Yuly早午餐吧 Brunch&Coffee 這樣一餐吃下來, 不會超過兩百塊, 以早午餐的價位來說真的很便宜. 餐點份量剛剛好,今天點的「醬燒豬肉皮塔餅」和「花生醬起司牛肉漢堡」我們都很滿意。套餐中配菜的沙拉, 薯條都算有水準. 店家附上的起司醬我超愛! 起司醬無論是配主餐或是薯條都好吃!只是飲料的部分就比較弱, 但這樣的價位我也沒有什麼好挑剔的 ?  整體來說, CP值蠻高的. 店內環境算滿吵雜的, 聊天講話需要提高分貝. 店內提供有免費的wifi和插座充電. 不加收服務費.


Eating at ‘Yuly Brunch & Coffee’ will cost you less than 200$. For a brunch place, it is quite cheap with decent food portion. We were satisfied with both the Pita bread with pork and cheeseburger with peanut butter  The salad and french fries from the combo meal met our expectations. I completely fell in love with the ‘cheese sauce’ provided by the restaurant. The sauce goes well with either the entree or fries. As for drinks, it could have been better but I am not especially picky about this due to the cheap price.? The restaurant is quite noisy so we had to speak loudly to be able to hear each other. The store also provides free wifi and outlets for charging. No service charge.

Yuly Brunch & Coffee

營業時間:8:00~18:00 (週一公休)


Yuly Brunch & Coffee

Address:  No. 16, Lane 10, Section 3, Shuangshi Rd, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
Hours:Tue – Sun 8:00~18:00, Closed Monday
Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Yulybrunch
Free wifi, outlets, no service charge

韓國行 Day 2

韓國行 第二天 (Day 2 of Korea Trip)

韓國行 – 第二天的行程是:

Isaac Toast-梨花女子大學-弘益大學-3ce購物-樂天超市安東燉雞-南山公園&首爾塔-O’sulloc-仁寺洞

Here is the itinerary for the 2nd day of Korea trip:

Isaac Toast – Ewha Women’s University – Hongdae – Shopping at 3ce – Lotte Market – Andong jjimdak – Namsan Park & Seoul Tower – O’sulloc – Insa-dong

吃完美味的Isaac  Toast,我們散步前往梨花女子大學

After eating the delicious Isaac Toast, we start walking toward Ewha Women’s University.

Because my friend is looking for Korean Starbuck’s sakura tumbler, so we came to this Starbucks near Ewha Women’s University to see if they sell it. After coming it, we saw this sign, this Starbucks is actually the first Starbucks at Korea that is opened in 1999.

Walking toward Ewha Women’s University, you will see the famous Ewha Wall on your left side before reaching the main entrance.

Main entrance of the university

We were planning to view cherry blossom at Ewha Women’s university, but only one tree blossomed near the entrance.


If you walk downhill to your right, you will reach a complex for restaurants and stationary stores.


Ewha Women’s Univeristy’s large chapel.

Even though there isn’t much cherry blossom, other flowers are beautiful as well.

We walked around until the other side of the complex.

梨花女子大學 (이화여자대학교) Ewha Womans University

電話 (phone):02-3277-2114

地址 (address):首爾特別是西大門區新洞
52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul


After finishing touring Ewha Women’s university, we headed toward Hongik University and Hongdae Shopping District.


When we arrived at Hongdae Shopping District, we realized we got here too early. Lots of stores are still not open at noon. Hongdae is similar to Tapie’s Eastern District since it will get busy at night. Since there are many students near Hongdae, there are many special shops, restaurants, clubs, bar, BBQ store, coffee shop! I would recommend everyone to come here in the afternoon at the earliest.

▲遠遠的看到STYLE NANDA  的巨大招牌
I can see the large sign of ‘Style Nanda’ from far away.


After telling the employees what product I desire, they gave me a number sign.

What I want is put into the cabinets near the counter, all I had to do is to give the number sign to the cashier and they will help me out. There is no need to carry stuff around while shopping. Awesome!

STYLE NANDA 弘大總店 (Hongdae Main Branch)

Address: 335-21 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 마포구 서교동 335-21

時間 (hours):11:00~23:00

Since we are a bit in a rush, we only took a symbolic picture and check-in at the Hongik University.

弘益大學 (Hongik University)

地址:94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address: 94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

弘大快速拍照打卡完,我們就去LOTTE Mart採購,之後回到明洞民宿放東西。再到明洞附近吃安東燉雞,吃飽是下午四點左右。我們就前往南山公園&首爾塔。
After pictures and checking-in at Hongik University, we went shopping at Lotte Mart, then we went back to Myeong-dong to put stuff away. Soon after, we went to eat Andong jjimdak near Myeong-dong. We finished eating at around 4pm, then we headed toward  Namsan park and Seoul Tower.

When you reach the bottom of the Seoul Tower, you will see an elevator. This free-to-take elevator will take you directly to the gondola ticket office. If you don’t want to get in line for the elevator, you can take the stairs too.

The elevator is quite steep

The entrance to the Seoul Tower gondola ticket office

▲纜車購票處 Gondola Ticket Office

營業時間 (hours) : AM10:00~PM23:00 (全年無休) (open everyday of the year)

售票價位 :




Adult round trip – 8500 won, Adult one-way – 6000 won
Child round trip – 5500 won, Child one-way – 3500 won

I bought round-way tickets. They will rip the right part off when you go up, and the other park when you come back down. Be sure to keep your ticket safe if you bought a round-way ticket.

On a Monday afternoon around 4pm, we waited about 40 minutes until we got on the gondola.

Takes about 3 minute to reach Namsan park

There are couple locks everywhere at Namsan Park, this place is very suited for a couple date. These layered locks are so dense, feel like it will collapse at any moment since the locks are very heavy!

View of Seoul City from Namsan Park

Seoul’s city planning isn’t too structured, or maybe I am just not too familiar with Seoul yet. I could not tell where is where.

Octagonal booth at Namsan Park

Seoul tower and love locks.


Since we want to finish our plans, we didn’t wait until dark to go up to Seoul Tower for night view. Hopefully next time I will get a chance to see a night view of Seoul city ?

N首爾塔地址 : 首爾龍山區龍山洞2街1-3

(대한민국 서울특별시 용산구남산공원길105)


週一~週四、週日10:00~23:00 / 週五~週六10:00~24:00

North Seoul Tower Address: 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
North Seoul Tower Hours:

Mon- Thr, Sun – 10:00 – 23:00 / Fri-Sat 10:00-24:00

離開首爾塔後, 我們來到仁寺洞。仁寺洞位在地鐵3號線安國站的六號出口。出口出來後往仁寺洞大街步行約五分鐘就到了。

在去的路上還到了O’sulloc買了綠茶冰淇淋來吃 ? ?

After leaving Seoul Tower, we came to Insa-dong. Insa-dong is located at subway line 3 Anguk Station’s 6th exit. Its a 5 minute walk after exiting the station. On our way there, we also bought green tea ice cream at O’sulloc. ? ?

▲ Insadong的 Ssamziegil商場 (Ssamziegil market at Insa-dong)

Ssamziegil 是仁寺洞的新地標,來韓國之前,我的好朋友強力推薦這裡。這是一座約四層樓高的建築,裡面是複合式空間,進駐了超過70間的個性小店。裡面充滿濃厚的文創氣息,除了販售一些傳統文化的商品之外,還有許多特色創意商品。

Ssamziegil is a new landmark of Insa-dong. Before coming to Korea, my good friend highly recommended this place. This is a 4 floored structure with more than 70 small stores wth characters inside. Inside is filled with a creative atmosphere. Besides selling cultural merchandise, there are other creative goods.

You can see cute decorative art and graffitis everywhere in the Ssamziegil market.

Inside Ssamziegil you can see a hollow design. From first floor, the hallway spiral up so that you can follow and shop on the hall all the way to 4th floor without taking a single stair.

地址 :首爾特別市鍾路區寬勳洞38
서울특별시 종로구 관훈동 38
44 Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
時間 (hours):10:30~20:30

There are lots of alleys centered around Insadong street. After shopping at ssamjigil, we got a taste of traditional korean culture at the alleys around us.

Walking at the road paved with Quartzite in Insadong, I feel like I am at a Taiwan’s old street or China’s Dali old town. (Perhaps all the old street with ancient history are paved with Quartzite? ???)


We are destined with Starbucks today. The sign 스타벅스커피 means Starbucks Coffee. This Insa-dong’s Starbucks Coffee is the only Starbucks of the world that does not have English Sign. From the internet, I found out that when Starbucks want to open in Insa-dong, the culture-rich residents of Insadong strongly opposed the proposal. So to compromise with the locals, Starbucks made the acception to use a Korean sign.

Besides Starbucks, all other signs are in Korean.

After going through today, I think you can put Insa-dong in the morning since the pictures of the creative goods here would be more beautiful, then you can head on to Hongdae since the store there open later. You can also get a taste of the night-life at Hongdae.

※ 這是我第一次寫具體的遊記, 資訊會比較多, 如果有錯誤或遺漏的地方歡迎留言告訴我喔!!!! 我會盡快修改更新

This is my first time writing out my trip in detail, there will be lots of info, if there are errors or something I miss, feel free to let me know through comments. I will do my best to edit and update.

O’sulloc Tea House

O’sulloc Tea House


O’sulloc tea house雪綠茶專賣店所使用的綠茶來自濟州,而濟州可是世界三大綠茶產地之一。

I first came to known about O’sulloc through their matcha spread. I am not sure when it started, but the O’sulloc’s matcha spread advertisements went viral on my Facebook.???

O’sulloc tea house’s green tea shop uses green tea from Jeju, one of the top 3 green tea producers in the world.


▲今晚來到位在仁寺洞的O’sulloc Tea House

We came to the O’sulloc Tea House located at Insa-dong.



The first floor of O’sulloc sells many tea products with high-quality packaging.




Here is the famous matcha spread. I did take some home, and it tasted sweeter than I had imagined. The spread is also wetter and softer than I thought.
Remember to fridge it when you open it.


The 2nd and 3rd floor is for dining in, if you want to order food, go to the 2nd floor.


Everything here from drinks to desserts is all bout the green tea.



The desserts made from tea in the display case all look quite tasty.



You get 20% off if you take to-go.


▲ 三樓寬敞的用餐環境

The spacious dining area on the 3rd floor.

▲ 還有給團體用餐的大桌子

Table for large groups.


▲綠茶冰淇淋 Green Tea Ice cream 8000韓元


There is a thick layer of matcha powder on the green tea ice cream. The ice cream had a soft and detailed texture and had a very flavorful green tea taste. It tasted sweet with a hint of bitterness. There is a sweet aftertaste as well. So delicious, I highly recommend this.


O’sulloc tea house 在首爾除了仁寺洞外,在明洞、弘大、和惠化都有分店。大家如果路過一定要進去品嚐他們的綠茶甜點。這次嘗試的綠茶冰淇淋超級推薦!口感細緻綿密,濃郁的綠茶冰淇淋吃起來微甜帶點回甘的苦味!完全不會膩!

Besides Insa-dong, you can find O’sulloc tea house at Myeong-dong, Hongdae, Hyehwa, etc… If you pass by one, be sure to give their green tea desserts a try. I highly recommend the green tea ice cream. Very flavorful and I can keep eating it without it getting too heavy.

「O’sulloc Tea House」仁寺洞店 (Insa-dong branch)

電話 (phone) : 02-732-6427

地址 (address) : 首爾市鍾路區寬動洞170 서울시 종로구 관훈동 170번지
170 Insadong-gil, Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

時間 (hours): 10:00─22:00

官方網址 (Website): http://www.osulloc.com(韓文) (Korean)

安東燉雞 「안동찜닭」

安東燉雞 「안동찜닭」(Andong jjimdak)


This Korea trip is basically a chicken tour. Fried chicken, whole chicken, now it is time to try Andong jjimdak. ??



Since we live at Myeong-dong, so we can walk directly here from our hotel, therefore I did not research which subway station exit is the closet. Actually, Myeong-dong, has many Andong jjimdak, but the most famous one is this one, the sign has a black background with white word?


The menu has Chinese, English, and Japanese.

我們兩個人吃,點無骨燉雞肉 (中) 30000韓元。在來之前就聽說安東燉雞很辣,嚇得我們直接跟店員說不要辣。

The two of us, we ordered the boneless jjimdak (medium) for 30000 won. Before coming here, we heard that Andong jjimdak is very spicy, so we ask the waitress for not spicy.


▲ 韓文的Menu(感覺和給遊客看的有點不一樣?)
The Korean menu (I feel like its slightly different from the one they give to tourist?)



After ordering, the waitress served a small dish of kimchi and a bowl of radish soup. The radish soup is for getting rid of spiciness. This kimchi is quite tasty, we asked for another dish after finishing this.


▲無骨燉雞肉上桌! 超級大盤的!我把手掌放在旁邊拍照作對比,這盤燉雞幾乎是我手掌大小的四倍。

Here is the boneless jjimdak! Quite a large dish! I put my hand in the picture for reference, it is almost 4 times the size of my palm.



The jjimdak has chicken leg meat, potato, winter noodle, cabbage, scallion. The portion was enough for us, but if you have a large appetite, you can order rice to go along with it.

表面顏色看起來很鹹的安東燉雞,吃起來其實不會很重口味。雞肉燉的很入味,而且雞腿肉的肉質很嫩。 「安東燉雞」內其他配料也很入味,像馬鈴薯吸收了醬汁,吃起來像紅燒料理,鹹鹹甜甜的。高麗菜吃起來清脆爽口, 不過再多一點就更好了.

The jjimdak looks salty, but actually does not taste heavy. The chicken is very flavorful, and the chicken leg meat tender. Other ingredients of the Andong jjimdak is flavorful as well, the potato absorbed the sauce and tasted salty and sweet. The cabbage is refreshing, but I wish they would put more cabbage into the dish.



I love the winter noodle in the Andong jjimdak, the noodle absorbed the sauce and is tender and chewy.


「安東燉雞」吃起來很像紅燒料理,甜甜鹹鹹的,但吃到後面反而有點膩。雞肉肉質軟嫩和冬粉本身Q彈有勁的口感我很喜歡!下次有機會我想挑戰看看有點辣味的安東燉雞. 難說加辣後,反而不會覺得膩。


Andong jjimdak taste like a braised dish, being both sweet and salty. After eating it for a while, it does become a bit too heavy. The chicken and winter noodle is tender and I love the texture. Next time I would like to challenge myself to Andong jjimdak that is more spicy. Perhaps if its more spicy, I wouldn’t get tired of the taste that quickly.

安東燉雞 안동찜닭 명동점 明洞店
Andong jjimda (Myeongdong branch)

地址:首爾特別市中區明洞1街 59-20            안동찜닭 명동점,,중구 명동1가 59-20번지
Address: 59-20, Myeongdong 3-gil, Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

電話 (phone):02-3789-6841
營業時間 (hours):11:00-22:00

樂天超市 Lotte Mart

樂天超市 Lotte Mart


Besides eating and drinking and sight-seeing in Korea, another important thing is shopping at grocery stores. How can we not shop around during our trip in Korea. The easiest gift to get for family and friends is cookies? Now I will share what I bought at Lotte Mart.

▼首先搭車到首爾站「1號線(133)首爾車站 、4號線(426)首爾車站」。從1號出口出來,出手扶梯往右走就可以看到大大的LOTTE Mart招牌。
First, take the subway to Seoul station (1st line 133 Seoul station or 4th line 426 Seoul station). Take the No 1 exit, you can see a large ‘Lotte Mart’ sign after taking the escalator and walk toward your right.


You will need to put in 100 won to use the carts here






Green: Banana Milk
Red: Strawberry Milk
Blue: Low Sugar Banana Milk
Brown: Coffee Milk

Aloe juice, I like the sour and sweet taste and the aloe bits


There are so many kinds of instant noodles in Korea, most of them are spicy.


The well-known shin-ramen.


▲農心 炸醬麵  NongShim Jjawang


I find this quite delicious, the noodles is chewy.


▲這個Market O的Real Cheese Chip超級推薦!起司味真的很濃郁,也不會太鹹!我輕輕鬆鬆磕完一盒!大家來一定要買回去!

I highly recommend the Market O’s real cheese chips! It has a very flavorful cheese taste to it, but not too salty. I easily finish a box by myself. Everyone should give this a try and bring some back to Taiwan!


▲Market O 系列的布朗尼也很好吃! 吃得到巧克力顆粒,但也不會太甜。

Market O’s brownies is also delicious, you can taste the chocolate bits yet its not too sweet.


▲Iris Cookies & cream 買回來送給好友,朋友很推薦

I bought Iris Cookies & creams as gifts for my friends, they recommend this.


▲CROWN 威化餅  Wafers


The brown box on the left is Hazelnut, and the right side blue box is white chocolate. It smells good and it is very delicious. Also the inside is all small packages so its easy to share with your friends and family.


Yam cookies.


▲  樂天自有品牌的餅乾。這個和日本pocky 餅乾很像
Lotte’s own brand of cookies, very similar to Japanese pocky.


▲Lotte Farm on the Road Green Chococo


Green tea cookies, slightly sweet without any bitterness.



If you reach 30,000 won here you can get your tax returned. There are many online articles about how to get your tax return here. But when I get there, I only needed to show my passport while I was checking out to get my tax returned. Maybe they change the rule, but it is quite simple and saved a lot of time to be able to get the tax returned right there in Lotte Mart.

Lotte Market 樂天超市首爾站店  (롯데마트 서울역점)

地址 (address):首爾中區蓬萊洞2街 122
서울특별시 중구 청파로 426 (봉래동2가,서울역(철도청))
426 Cheongpa-ro, Bongnaedong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

電話 (Phone):+82-2-390-2500

營業時間 (Hours):10:00~24:00

Isaac Toast & Coffee

Isaac Toast & Coffee

因為一早的行程安排去梨花大學,所以我們早餐來吃韓國版的美而美– Isaac Toast & Coffee 早餐店!

Isaac Toast & Coffee 是韓國連鎖的吐司專賣店,在首爾除了梨大店外,很多著名景點也有,例如:明洞、東大門、新村、弘大、新設洞、惠化、會賢…每家分店公休日可能有些許不同,大家要再自己注意。

Since we planned to visit Ewha Women’s University, so we came to a Korean version of ‘Mei & Mei’ (Famous breakfast chain in Taiwan) called Isaac Toast & Coffee.

Isaac Toast & Coffee is a Korean chain sandwich shop. Besides having one at Ewha, Seoul, they are also located in many famous touristy spots such as  Min-dong, Dongdaemun, Sinchon, Hongdae, Sinseol-dong, Hyehwa, Hoehyeon, etc… Each branch may be closed on a different day, so please pay extra attention here.


From Ming-dong(where we lived), we took the subway toward Dongdaemun station until we reach the Dongdaemun history and culture park station, then we transfer on the 2nd line (green)


Then, take the train toward the Ewha Womans University (Korean subway has clear signs everywhere, make us not afraid of getting on the wrong subway)


We are here at the 241 Ewha Womans University station of subway 2nd line.


Take the 2nd exit of the Ewha Womans University station


Take a left after taking the exit and follow the downhill road. You can see many students rushing to classes on the road.

▲看到OLIVE YOUNG左轉,再走約100公尺就到嘍
When you see ‘OLIVE YOUNG’, take a left and you will arrive at Isaac Toast & Coffee after 100 more meters.

 ▲Isaac Toast&Coffee位在左邊
Isaac Toast & Coffee is on your left hand side.


Menu not only has Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese, it also has pictures. (You don’t need to worry about not knowing how to order)


▲廚房是半開放式的,可以看到製作過程。Isaac Toast&Coffee的吐司特色就是現點現做,在吐司上塗上奶油再在鐵板上煎到金黃,之後再放上配料

The kitchen is half-open so you can see the food making process. Isaac Toast & Coffee is known for making your order right after you order. They spread butter on the toast and cook until golden yellow on the hot metal plate, then they put other ingredients on it.

▲照片上遠遠可以看到, 蛋是用正方型模型做的。和土司大小一樣的模型,讓蛋和土司的大小一樣,之後吃起來每口都有料,真的是很用心。而且蛋裡面還會灑入玉米粒,增加口感。

You can see in the picture, the egg is made using a toast sized square mold. This makes the egg the same size as the toast so that every bite will guarantee tasting both. I think that is very thoughtful of them. The egg also has some corn bits in it to create more texture.



After about 10 minutes, our sandwiches have arrived.


▲烤肉MVP吐司 Bulgogi mvp toast,2800韓元

There is egg, veggie, bulgogi, cheese, and sauce


▲ISAAC Toast&Coffee的吐司裡面有塗上薄薄的美乃滋,所以吃起來甜甜鹹鹹的,而且煎過的吐司酥酥的,真的非常好吃!內餡多層次,有烤肉排、起司、煎蛋還有生菜。讓我一口接一口停不下來。搭配上我愛的拿鐵,開始美好的一天!

Isaac Toast & Coffee’s toast has a thin layer of mayo on it. It tasted both sweet and salty. Also, the toast is quite crispy, very delicious! The bulgogi, cheese, egg, and lettuce creates a layered texture. I could not stop myself from eating this. Along with my beloved latte, quite a amazing start to a day!


心得:吐司表層塗抹奶油煎到金黃酥脆,無論是顏色和香氣都很吸引人,再放上生菜, 蛋, 和其他配料。吃完非常有飽足感。而且ISAAC Toast&Coffee細心的讓吐司裡面的配料和吐司一樣大,讓我每口都吃得到料. 這點讓我非常滿意。不過須注意的是,現場吃的口感最好喔,因為如果外帶的話,吐司會被包裝紙悶住而軟掉。


The toast with butter at Isaac Toast & Coffee was cooked until golden brown which has a crispy texture. Both the color and smell are pleasing. The lettuce, egg, and other ingredients make me very full after eating the sandwich. I really enjoy the fact that all the ingredients were created to be the same size as the toast which allowed me to taste multiple ingredients every bite. One thing to note is that I would eat the sandwich right away. If you take the sandwich to go, the toast will become soft due to being enclosed inside a bag.

Isaac Toast & Coffee(梨大店)(Ewha)


Address:56-88 Daehyeon-dong Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

(서울특별시 서대문구 대현동 56-88)

交通方式:地鐵2號線「梨大(241)」站2號、3號出口,直走步行5分鐘,OLIVE YOUNG左轉再走約100公尺即到

Transportation: Subway 2nd line (241 Ewha station) 2nd, 3rd exit. Walk straight for 5 minutes, take a left at OLIVE YOUNG, you will reach it after about 100 more meters.


hours: weekday: 9:00-21:00 ; Sunday: 9:00-19:00


韓國行 Day 1



The first day of our Korean trip all focus on the Subway 4th line (sky blue)

Myeongdong to change currency – Dongdaemun Jin Ok Hwa Original Chicken Restaurant – Ihwa Mural Village – Shopping at Dongdaemun, Myeongdong Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong – Shopping at Myeongdong

來韓國玩換韓元真的是一門學問, 根據這次韓國行, 我總結了下面幾個重點:

  1. 在台灣先換一些韓元.  至於換多少呢? 我覺得夠從機場到飯店, 飯店到當地換錢的金額即可. 具體數字真的要看大家住哪裡, 和要換錢的地方在哪裡. 像我這次住明洞, 準備換錢的地方也在明洞, 我只需要花費從機場到明洞的錢 (交通卡費4000韓元+機場到首爾站4150韓元+首爾站到明洞1250韓元=9400韓元)
  2. 先在台灣換美金(越大張越好, 能全部換100美金最好!)
  3. 再到當地換韓元, 這樣換下來的匯率最好

To exchange for Won is no easy task, from our trip, here is some tips

  1. Exchange for some won at Taiwan first. I would get enough for you to go from the airport to hotel and from the hotel to somewhere local to exchange money. It really will depend on where you live and where you decide to exchange for more won. I live at Myeongdong and exchange for more won at Myeongdong so I only need money from the airport to Myeongdong. (transportation card: 4000 won + airport to Seoul station 4150 won + Seoul to Myeongdong station 1250 won for a total of 9400 won.
  2. Exchange for US dollars (bigger the better, I would get all 100$ if possible)
  3. Exchange for won using the US dollars locally at Korea for the best rate.

Early in the morning, we came to a money exchange at Myeongdong.


明洞 大使館換錢所  명동 관광스팟의환전소 Myeongdong Money Exchange

地址 (address):首爾特別市中區明洞2街105號 서울시중구명동2가105
105 Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

電話 (phone):02-776-8927

營業時間 (hours):09:00~21:00


▲拿100美金換的匯率是1145, 拿50美金換的匯率是1135 (換的匯率越大越好, 因為可以換到比較多)
The exchange rate for 100$ bill is 1145 while the 50$ bill’s rate is 1135. (The rate is better for the $100)

這就是為什麼我讓大家換的美金越大越好, 最好都是100美金


吃飽喝足后, 我們繼續搭地鐵四號線前往惠化站(420)的梨花洞壁畫村. 至於為什麼沒有先在東大門逛街, 而是先去梨花洞壁畫村, 是因為我們不想逛完街提著大包小包的去壁畫村拍照. 所以我們決定先去壁畫村美美的拍照, 之後再去東大門採購!

This is why I suggested everyone to bring 100$ bills if possible

After exchanging for won, we went to Dongdaemun for the Jin Ok Hwa Original Chicken Restaurant.

After finished eating, we continue to take subway 4th line toward 420 Hyehwa-yeok station for the Ihwa Mural Village. The reason we visited here first before shopping at Dongdaemun is that we don’t want to shop first and take pictures at Ihwa Mural Village with our shopping prizes. So we decided to take beautiful pictures at Ihwa Mural Village first than go shopping at Dongdaemun.

▲上面這張圖是實際我從惠化站2號出口出來, 用Google Map查找路線後, Google Map 顯示給我的路線. 我看到的時候整個傻眼, 兩點一線的指路是怎麼回事?.  後來才從Moose先生那裡得知, 韓國政府對Google Map的限制很多, 所以才會使得Google Map在韓國這麼難用.

Here is the image of my Google Map when I look for direction at the 2nd exit of the subway station. I was shocked when I saw the direction I was given. What is with the straight line for direction?. Later I found that Korea’s government set many restrictions on Google Map which makes Google Map hard to use in Korea.


▲一邊罵Google Map, 一邊直走, 我們就看到這個指示牌, 左轉繼續直走

While we were cursing at Google Map, we saw this sign so we took a left and continue on.


▲直走後, 看到這隻貓咪, 就等於找到梨花洞壁畫村的指示牌, 之後跟著指示路線走就好嘍
After walking straight, we saw this cat which meant we found the signs for the Ihwa Mural Village. Just follow the signs and you will get there.

▼下面是我在梨花洞壁畫村拍的照片! 這裡真的好文青, 怎麼拍都美.
Here you can find the pictures I have taken at Ihwa Mural Village. It’s so beautiful here, no matter which angle I took, the image is pretty.

I also bought many good-looking post cards near the village.

結束梨花洞壁畫村之旅, 我們就前往東大門開始Shopping之旅. 因為壁畫村逛一逛 我們就離東大門越來越近, 所以我們決定從壁畫村走到東大門

After finishing our time at Ihwa Mural Village, we continue on toward Dongdaemun for our shopping time. Since we were already walking toward Dongdaemun while exploring Ihwa Mural Village, we decided to walk to Dongdaemun from the Ihwa Mural Village.


▲前往東大門的路上, 看到可愛的雪人表情?

Cute snowman sign we saw while walking toward Dongdaemun?.



Heunginjimun, or Dongdaemun, is a gate located at Seoul.


▲東大門那邊有好幾棟百貨, 其中有一間叫Doota, 外觀看起來相對華麗, 衣服的款式也比較好看, 不過價格也貴很多.  Doota裡面不可以講價哦!
Dongdaemon has many department stores. One of the department stores is called Doota. It has a magnificent appearance, and the cloth here has good design. However, the price is also quite steep. Note that there is no haggling in Doota.

我們當天還去了Migliore, APM這兩棟. 這兩棟完全就是批發市場的感覺, 需要自己慢慢淘貨, 不過這裡就可以講價了!

We also went to Migliore and APM. These 2 department stores are like a wholesale market. You will need to take some effort to look for what you want, but you can haggle here.

▼在地鐵站看到可愛的手繪地圖.從地圖上可以看出我們今天就是從最上面的東大門直直往下逛: 4 Doota, 3 Migliore, 2 hello apm.  最後走到東大門歷史文化公園站搭捷運四號線回到明洞.

 Here is a cute hand-drawn map at the subway station. You can see that we went from Dongdaemun near the top and walk our way doward: 4 Doota, 3 Migliore, 2 hello apm. Finally we arrived at Dongdaemun history and culture park station to take subway 4th lane back to Myeongdong.

東大門逛完已經是六點多了~ 我們先回到明洞的飯店放東西, 之後去姜虎東吃烤肉.

烤肉吃完後, 逛明洞消化.

After finishing shopping at Dongdaemun is already after 6pm. We first went to our hotel to drop off our belongings, then we headed to Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong for Korean BBQ. After BBQ, we explored Myeongdong to digest our food.

▼明洞很多化妝品和服飾店. 同一牌子的化妝品店在明洞可能就有2家以上的分店.  明洞給我的感覺就是放大版的西門町?

Myeongdong has many cosmetic and cloth stores. Each cosmetic brand more than likely has 2 or more branches in Myeongdong alone. Myeongdong to me is like an enlarged version of Ximenting.


Myeongdong also has many food stands for you to try 🙂


▲路邊的辣炒年糕非常辣, 敢吃辣的朋友一定要嘗試看看

The spicy rice cake at the food stand is very spicy, if you have a high tolerance for spiciness, you should give it a try.


※ 這是我第一次寫具體的遊記, 資訊會比較多, 如果有錯誤或遺漏的地方歡迎留言告訴我喔!!!! 我會盡快修改更新 

This is my first time writing out my trip in detail, there will be lots of info, if there are errors or something I miss, feel free to let me know through comments. I will do my best to edit and update.