【Recipe】抹茶漸層慕斯蛋糕 Matcha Gradient Mousse Cake #抹茶控 #matchalover


As a matcha lover, when I first saw a Youtuber video from Amanda Tastes about how to make a matcha mousse cake, I was deeply attracted and intrigued. Her matcha mousse cake has layers of matcha with different gradient, and it looked so cute. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself to bake this amazing looking gradient matcha mousse cake. 

身為抹茶控的我, 看到Youtuber曼食慢语分享的超療癒系漸層慕斯蛋糕,
馬上被它深深吸引, 一圈一圈的漸層綠色看起來好療愈


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【Recipe】義式番茄肉醬 Bolognese Sauce

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可以拌義大利麺, 或做焗烤料理

Bolognese Sauce is quite easy to prepare, and it can be used to prepare many kinds of meal. You can add bolognese sauce with spaghetti, or you can bake it. Since I used fresh tomatoes to make my bolognese sauce, it tasted lighter but flavorful. I always prepare extra bolognese sauce and separate the sauce into small bags to freeze for multiple easy uses. When I want to have some spaghetti bolognese, I can simply reheat it!

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