【LA】Cauldron Ice Cream__#Irvine

Cauldron Ice Cream|Los Angeles

Address: 1421 W MacArthur Blvd F, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Phone: (657) 245-3442
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Friday – Saturday 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm


Cauldron Ice Cream is famous for their ice cream on a puffle cone. The puffle cones are Hong Kong egg waffles which are soft and chewy. It is a must try if it is your first time here.  Their ice cream is made right in front of you with stand mixers and nitrogen. The rose shaped ice cream was well presented. As for flavors, I tried their earl grey lavender; strong in flavor and topped with honey.

Tips: you can ask for rose shaped in any flavors

Cauldron Ice Cream 最出名的是它的雞蛋仔冰淇淋
如果這是你第一次來Cauldron Ice Cream
採用液態氮冷凍法, 快速攪拌製成冰淇淋
香氣迷人, 上面淋上蜂蜜

Tips: 每個口味都可以要求店家做成玫瑰花造型哦

【LA】Kit Coffee __#OC #matchabrûléetoast

Kit Coffee|Los Angeles

Address: 1617 Westcliff Dr, suite 103 Newport Beach, CA
Hours: 6am-6pm


Kit Coffee is a cute modern cafe in the Orange County area; the store front is simple and clean. The high ceiling and the ample natural lights give the cafe a peaceful atmosphere.

Kit Coffee是一家位在橘郡的可愛時尚咖啡廳


Their sweet matcha brûlée toast here is unique and superb! If you are a matcha lover, don’t miss it. I liked the crunchy matcha layer on the top of the créme brûlée. I totally recommend this place to anyone who happens to be in this area!

如果你是抹茶愛好者, 一定不要錯過
很推薦Kit Coffee給大家!

【LA】Wurstküche __exotic sausages #chipotleaioli

Wurstküche|Los Angeles

Address: 625 Lincoln Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90291
Phone: (213)687-4444
Hours: 11am – 12am


Wurstküche is known for their sausages, which come served on a freshly baked roll with your choice of two toppings. They have a variety of sausage choices and toppings. For toppings, they have Caramelized Onions, Sauerkraut, Sweet Peppers, and Spicy Peppers. You can find different kinds of mustards at your table to add to the sausages if you need. They include Whole Grain, Dijon, Spicy Brown, Honey Mustard, and American Yellow. You first order your food at the front counter. After you order, find a seat in the back.

I got their Hot Italian with caramelized onions and sauerkraut. It is simple yet full of flavor. Their thick cut, double fried Belgian style fries were heavenly like and a must-order when you come here! They were crispy and are seasoned very well. They offered a variety of dipping sauces for the fries, and My favorite was the chipotle aioli!

Overall This place has a relaxing atmosphere which is suited for grabbing a beer, fries, and sausage with friends.

Wurstküche 最有名的是他們的德國香腸
配料的選擇有: 焦糖洋蔥, 酸菜, 甜椒, 辣椒

我點的口味是Hot Italian搭配焦糖洋蔥和酸菜
個人推薦: chipotle aioli

Wurstküche 的用餐環境很輕鬆溫暖

【LA】Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches__#Irvine

Bruxie|Los Angeles

Address: 14376 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92604
Phone: (206) 443-3241
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday – Saturday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm


While I have always enjoyed the combination of chicken and waffle. The chicken and waffle at Bruxie brought it to another level. Their original fried chicken waffle sandwich is on the lighter side. The waffle is crispy, and the chicken is tender and juicy with the right amount of syrup added to it. The cabbage slaw is fresh and refreshing. It’s just so delicious! Do not forget to add fries+drink to your sandwich! Their strawberry lemonade was refreshing and a good compliment to the sandwich.

焦香酥脆的鬆餅, 多汁的炸雞,
記得升級為套餐, 就有方格薯條+飲料
非常的清爽, 很適合搭配三明治

【Seattle】The Pink Door__Speakeasy feels all over behind the door #Italian #linguineallevongole

The Pink Door|Seattle

Address: 1919 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 443-3241
Hours:  Lunch: Monday – Saturday: 11:30-15:00
Dinner: Monday – Thursday: 17:00-22:00
Friday – Saturday: 17:00-23:00
Sunday: 16:00-22:00

The Pink Door is an Italian restaurant here in Seattle. It is hidden in the Post Ally of Pikes Place Market with no signs but an actual pink door!

The Pink Door 是一家義大利料理餐廳,
它隱藏在派克市場附近的Post Ally中
店門口沒有招牌, 只有顯眼的粉紅色大門

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There is a speakeasy feels all over behind this pink door. Inside it has Cabaret & Burlesque during Saturday nights.  On certain days, there are live musics and entertainments in the main dining area.

The Pink Door 本身帶有Speakeasy 酒吧的神秘色彩


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There was an abundance of baby clams over my linguine, and they were all super fresh and meaty. The linguine was well cooked and perfectly flavored with the white wine.
麵條煮的恰到好處; 吸附了飽飽的湯汁卻仍彈牙

【Seattle】Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Rachel’s Ginger Beer|Seattle

I’m not the biggest fan of ginger beer, but I cannot deny the taste of ginger beer here at Rachel’s Ginger Beer is pretty good. This is definitely a good place for people to come chill and grab a drink. You can either have a non-alcoholic ginger beer that comes in a good variety of flavors or a cocktail. I recommend the guava flavor! It is super refreshing and not overly sweetened.

“Ginger Beer”
Rachel’s Ginger Beer的品質很好
喜歡喝酒的朋友, 也可以試試看他們的調酒


【Seattle】Matt’s in the Market__A hidden gem at the Pike Place Market #brunch

Matt’s in the Market|Seattle

Address: 94 Pike St #32, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 467-7909
Hours:  Monday – Saturday: 11:30-14:30 ; 17:30-22:00

Matt’s in the Market is a hidden gem located in the Pike Place Market. It is a place where you can find a gorgeous view of the Pike Place Market sign! I love to bring my friends from out of town here when they visit Seattle, and then I can start a tour of Pike Place after.

Matt’s in the Market隱藏在派克市場的餐廳,


*Tips: make a reservation ahead and ask for window seats

*筆記: 記得先提前預約并要求窗邊的座位


▲Fishwich $19
Iceberg lettuce, mama lil’s pepper aioli, bacon shaved sweet onion on brioche. The Fishwich was yummy and not heavy at all! The toasted brioche bun was crispy outside and soft inside



【Seattle】Gelatiamo__#Gelato #pistachio #hazelnut #tiramisu


Address:  1400 Third Ave Seattle, WA 98101
Phone:  (206) 467-9563
Hours:  Monday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

Came to Gelatiamo after visiting Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibition at SAM. Gelatiamo is located on the corner of Union and 3rd. It provides a variety of different flavors every day. Every flavor here is so rich, creamy, delicious, and worth trying. Here, you can get two flavors starting with the small size, and they come in a generous portion.

它位在Union 和三街的轉角
這裡的small size可以選兩個口味
雖然是small size, 但一球的份量很足

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**Recommended Flavor:
The pistachio, hazelnut, and tiramisu.

開心果, 榛果, 提拉米蘇


Gelatiamo is definitely a nice place to chill at when you’re tired of walking around in the downtown Seattle area.
不妨來 Gelatiamo 吃個冰淇淋休息一下

【Seattle】Saint Helens Cafe__The most “Instagramable” restaurant in Seattle #cafe #brunch

Saint Helens Cafe

Address: 3600 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: (206) 775-7050
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-Close; Sat-Su 9am-Close

Amazon.com在西雅圖開了第一家實體書店Amazon Books
這一家實體書店開在西雅圖大學城(University Village)
當然, 這些讀者評價都是來自Amazon.com

Amazon.com opened their first brick and mortar bookstore (Amazon Books) in Seattle, and I have been wanting to visit since I arrived in Seattle. Amazon Books is located in University Village.
Different from your regular book store, each book here has a reader’s review below it. Of course, all these customer reviews are actual reviews on Amazon.com. 


參觀完Amazon Books, 我來到網路上評價為最適合在Instagram上打卡的餐廳享用早午餐
這家餐廳叫做【 Saint Helens Cafe 】
【 Saint Helens Cafe 】位在University Village的東邊

After visiting Amazon Books, I came to the most “instagramable” restaurant in Seattle, and it is called “Saint Helens Cafe”. It’s in Montlake just east of University Village.

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可以去他們的網站看最新的Menu.  http://sainthelenscafe.com/menu/

You can check out their latest menu on their website.  http://sainthelenscafe.com/menu/

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▲Salmon Tartine $15

烤過得麵包上鋪上法式酸奶油, 燻鮭魚, 酸洋蔥, 和菊苣
吃起來很清新, 但稍顯過酸

Baked bread layered with creme fraiche, salmon lox, pickled shallots, and frisee on top. It was refreshing, but a bit too sour for me.


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▲Saint Helens Burger $18

他們的的漢堡很多汁, 烤過得漢堡皮微焦微酥, 好好吃!

The burger was amazing, the Gebbers Farm grass fed ground beef patty was juicy, and the burger bun was a bit crispy, just the perfect combination.


【忠孝敦化】Woo Taipei 窩台北__東區好吃又好喝的lounge bar #炸薯條 #BlossomSangria

Woo Taipei 窩台北|Bar

🚇  忠孝敦化
電話:(02) 8771-9813
營業時間:Sun. – Thur. 14:00-02:00
Fri. – Sat. 14:00 -03:00
交通路線: 搭乘捷運至忠孝敦化站2號出口

 🚇 Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
Address: No. 39-1, Lane 205, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
Phone: (02) 8771-9813
Hours: Sun. – Thur. 14:00-02:00
Fri. – Sat. 14:00 -03:00
Transportation: Take Exit 2 of Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station

食物好不好吃, 是一個很值得考量的點
今天跟大家分享的【 Woo Taipei 窩台北 】
餐點選項也很豐富, 而且好吃!!!

I am a person who gets hungry after a drink or so.
Therefore, when I go drinking with friends, their quality and taste of food is something that I consider important.
Today I am going to talk about “Woo Taipei”
Besides having lots of variety of cocktail, there were lots of variety when it comes to food, and they were delicious!

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▲來【 Woo Taipei 窩台北 】

▲ To get to Woo Taipei, you can take exit 2 of MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station.
Walk toward the end of the alley between Watsons and Zara.
It is close to Shimin Boulevard.

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▲【 Woo Taipei 窩台北 】的外觀有些隱密
▲ Woo Taipei is a bit hidden from the outside.

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【 窩台北 】的Menu可以點 ?  這裡 參考


For the menu of Woo Taipei, you can see it here.

On the nights of Sunday – Thursday, there is a spending limit of 300$NT per person.
On the nights of Friday and Saturday, there is a spending limit of 500$NT per person.

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▲肉醬麺佐培根溫泉蛋 NT$320


▲Spaghetti with Meat Sauce with Bacon and Hot Spring Egg  NT$320

I have recently fallen in love with meat sauce spaghetti.
Its sourness is very appetizing.
The spaghetti with a hot spring egg adds a warm feeling to it.

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▲牛肝菌菇燉飯松阪豬 NT$380

上桌後, 服務員會先幫我們加上一層現磨起司
燉飯的整體調味很濃郁, 香氣四溢

▲Truffle, mushroom, cream risotto with pan seared pork NT$380

When the dish came out, the waitress added freshly grinded cheese on top.
The risotto’s flavor was creamy and delicious.
The Matsuzaka Pork on top is crispy and tender.

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▲炸薯條 NT$220


▲French fries with cheese sauce NT$220

I highly recommend their french fries.
It was super crispy. Even if it has gotten cold at the very end, it was still delicious.

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▲Honey Moon NT$400


▲Blossom Sangria NT$400

相對Honey Moon, 我更喜歡Blossom Sangria
但【 窩台北 】用花朵取代了水果元素

Compare to Honey Moon, I love Blossom Sangria more.
A traditional Sangria is a cocktail with fruits.
However, Woo Taipei replace the fruit elements with flowers.
This allows the whole cocktail to be very floral and flavorful.
It was sweet and refreshing.

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【 Woo Taipei 窩台北 】絕對是我的強力推薦
其中最推薦這裡的炸薯條和Blossom Sangria調酒


If you are looking for a place in Taipei to eat, drink, and chat with friends without any time restriction.
I strongly recommend Woo Taipei to you.
Besides having lots of variety of cocktails, they have delicious food as well.
I especially recommend their french fries and Blossom Sangria Cocktails.

Woo Taipei 窩台北


電話:(02) 8771-9813

營業時間:Sun. – Thur. 14:00-02:00
Fri. – Sat. 14:00 -03:00

Address: No. 39-1, Lane 205, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City

Phone: (02) 8771-9813

Hours: Sun. – Thur. 14:00-02:00
Fri. – Sat. 14:00 -03:00

  • 交通便利  Location★★★★★
  • 整體服務  Service★★★★☆
  • 餐點滿意  Food★★★★★
  • 價格合理  Price★★★☆☆
  • 推薦率      Recommendation★★★★☆