【Seattle】The London Plane __ #brunch #instagramable


The London Plane is an absolutely beautiful and chic restaurant. The second I walked in, I quickly fell in love with the atmosphere and the interior design. There are an array of flowers, baked goods, open kitchen, high ceiling, and lots of natural lights!

The London Plane 是一家非常適合拍照打卡的網美店,
當我一踏進店裡, 馬上被整個氛圍吸引
一整排的新鮮花束, 剛出爐的麵包,
開放式廚房, 挑高的空間, 以及充足的自然光

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【Seattle】Slate Coffee Roasters __ #cafe #Seattle #DeconstructedLatte


I came to Slate Coffee Roasters to try their “Deconstructed Latte”; you get 3 wine glasses: 1st glass contains the espresso shots, 2nd glass contains the steamed milk, finally, the 3rd glass is both of them mixed together. (I wish they have used the same glass to serve all 3 ).  For the drinks, you should start with the espresso, then move to the milk, and lastly sip the latte which features both ingredients combined.

我來Slate Coffee Roasters試他們的“Deconstructed Latte”
“Deconstructed Latte”的中文應該是解構拿鐵
店員會將濃縮咖啡, 牛奶, 和拿鐵 分別放在三個玻璃杯里
喝的時候, 從濃縮咖啡開始, 再來牛奶, 最後拿鐵

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【Seattle】Il Corvo __ Weekday Lunch only Italian spot for homemade pastas #Italian #Seattle


My friend and I shared: Pappardelle Alla Bolognese, Pasta Mista, Cookie, and House Made Focaccia. They are all amazing! I love their House Made Focaccia. It’s crispy on the outside while pillowy and chewy on the inside. Dipping it in olive oil made it tasted even better.

我和我朋友一起分享: Pappardelle Alla Bolognese, Pasta Mista, Cookie, House Made Focaccia. 全部都很美味! 很推薦他們的佛卡夏,  外皮酥脆, 裡面卻依舊鬆軟,  剝一小塊下來沾橄欖油讓佛卡夏的香氣更為迷人.

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【Seattle】VIVO 53 __ Carbonara in Cheese wheel #Italian


I came to Vivo 53 because I have always wanted to try the carbonara served on cheese wheel, especially after I watched the BuzzFeedVideo which is comparing $8 pasta to $100 pasta. Therefore, I decided to come here during Sunday brunch time.

影片中他們將$8 $100的義大利麺進行比較
作為起司控, 看完之後超想試試看!

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【Seattle】Bellden Cafe __#cafe #bellevue #KouignAmann

Bellden Cafe is a brand new coffee shop located in Bellevue. With high ceilings, lots of natural lights, and some cute plants decorations, this cafe is definitely a place where you can take amazing Instagram photos.

Bellden Cafe 是一家在Bellevue新開的咖啡廳
挑高的天花板, 充足的自然光, 和隨處可見的可愛植物裝飾

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【LA】Churro Calientes __Fried churros with organic ingredients #ChurrosconChocolate

Churro Calientes is a small restaurant with seriously delicious Churros and they definitely satisfy a sweet tooth. I highly recommend their Churros con Chocolate. It comes with six classic crispy golden brown churros and a cup of Spanish style homemade rich hot dipping chocolate sauce.
Churro Calientes是一家專門賣吉拿棒的小店
我最推薦他們的Churros con Chocolate

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【LA】Blue Bottle __#Latte

This Blue Bottle is located pretty much across the street from the Grand Central Market. I’m super into any place with modern vibes and ample natural light. Therefore, this place was perfect for me!


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【LA】République __The most fluffy French toast #Brunch #KimchiFriedRice #SmokedSalmonTartine #BriocheFrenchToast

République is a hip and trendy restaurant with excellent lighting. My favorite dish is Brioche French Toast; the most fluffy French toast I have ever had!!! As soon as I put a little piece of french toast into my mouth it just melted right away, so yummy!!

我最喜歡的餐點是: Brioche French Toast;
口感輕柔, 超級美味!!

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【LA】Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee __The World’s Freshest Doughnut #MapleBacon #Huckleberry

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee is amazing! Definitely not your average donut. Although the price is slightly higher than donuts elsewhere. Sidecar makes fresh donuts every hour, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from.

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee標榜「世界上最新鮮的甜甜圈」,每個小時手工現做. 當然價格也比平常我們買的甜甜圈貴. 一個差不多$3-4 美金. 這裡的甜甜圈口味選擇很多, 也會隨著季節推出不一樣的口味.

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【LA】Meet Fresh__Taiwanese Dessert #Irvine


Meet Fresh is a franchised dessert place originated from Taiwan. It is best known for their herbal jelly and taro balls.


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