【Recipe】抹茶漸層慕斯蛋糕 Matcha Gradient Mousse Cake #抹茶控 #matchalover

Recipe |抹茶漸層慕斯蛋糕 Matcha Gradient Mousse Cake

Hi! As a matcha lover, when I first saw a Youtuber video from Amanda Tastes about how to make a matcha mousse cake, I was deeply attracted and intrigued. Her matcha mousse cake has layers of matcha with different gradient, and it looked so cute. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself to bake this amazing looking gradient matcha mousse cake. 

身為抹茶控的我, 看到Youtuber曼食慢语分享的超療癒系漸層慕斯蛋糕,
馬上被它深深吸引, 一圈一圈的漸層綠色看起來好療愈

Material – Cake Bottom
材料 – 蛋糕底


For the mousse cake, you can choose between two ways to make the bottom of the cake. One is to make a sponge cake bottom; another is to use crushed graham cracker mix with butter to press out the cake bottom. To make a sponge cake bottom, you would need the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of Matcha Powder
  • 3 eggs
  • 60-gram of granulated sugar
  • 60-gram of cake flour
  • 60-gram of milk
  • 25-gram of vegetable oil
  • 1 pinch of salt


  • 1大匙抹茶粉
  • 3顆蛋
  • 60克糖
  • 60克低筋麵粉
  • 60克牛奶
  • 25克植物油
  • 1小撮鹽


Material – Mousse Mixture
材料 – 慕斯糊

Because you don’t need to bake the mousse mixture here, you can adjust each ingredient to your own liking.

  • 1 tablespoon of matcha powder
  • 125-gram of milk
  • 175-gram of heavy whipping cream
  • 100-gram of cream cheese (or mascarpone cheese)
  • 12-gram of gelatin powder
  • 30-gram of granulated sugar


  • 1大匙抹茶粉
  • 125 克牛奶
  • 175克鮮奶油
  • 100克奶油乳酪(可替換馬斯卡彭乳酪)
  • 12克吉利丁粉(或是2片吉利丁片)
  • 30克糖

Steps – Cake Bottom
步驟 – 蛋糕底

1. Separate egg white from yolk.JPG

▲Separate the egg white from the egg yolk, and then mix a little sugar with the 3 eggs yolks and combine well. Then, slowly add vegetable oil into the yolk  mixture
將蛋白和蛋黃分開, 再在蛋黃中加入少許糖并充分混合, 接著將植物油慢慢拌入蛋黃液中

▲Mix warm milk little by little with the matcha powder, combine well.

4. Add Matcha milk with combined egg yolk.JPG

▲Add matcha milk mixture into egg yolk mixture

5. Swift cake flour in mixture.JPG

▲Sift cake flour in egg yolk mixture 3 separate times, combine well

6.1 combined mixture is think and flowy.JPG

▲Mixture will become very thick

7.1 into soft peak.JPG

▲Beat egg white with remaining sugar to soft peak

8. mix half of egg white into egg yolk mixture.JPG

▲Add half of egg white into yolk mixture, combine well

8. well combine egg white and yolk.JPG

▲Add remaining mixtures together, combine well

3. Prep cake mold w parchment paper.JPG

▲Lay parchment paper in cake tin

9. pour mixture into mold.JPG

▲Pour mixture in and tap lightly until there are no bubbles

Preheat oven to 355 Fahrenheit, and bake the cake bottom mix for 15 minutes
預熱烤箱至攝氏180度(華氏355度), 將麵糊放入并烤15分鐘

15. remove cake from parchment paper immediately after coming out of oven.JPG

▲After baking, quickly remove cake from tin to cool, and then peel parchment paper off from cake after it is cooled down
烤完後迅速將蛋糕拿出烤盤冷卻, 待蛋糕冷卻後將烘焙紙撕下


Steps – Mousse Mixture
步驟 – 慕斯糊

10. softten geliten in cold water.JPG

▲Soak gelatin in cold water ( If you use gelatin powder, mix well with hot water)
將吉利丁在冷水中泡軟 (如果使用吉利丁粉,先將吉利丁粉和少許熱水混合)

11. heat milk to combine gelliten with milk.JPG

▲Microwave milk and combine in gelatin

12. combine geliten and milk mixture with cream cheese can use mascapon as well.JPG

▲Mix cream cheese with milk mixture and sugar, combine till smooth

13. start beating whipping cream into texture.JPG

▲Beat heavy whipping cream into thicker mixture, and then mix cream cheese mixture with whipping cream
將鮮奶油打至有紋路, 再將奶油乳酪混合液和鮮奶油混合在一起

16. combine proportional matcha powder with hot water .JPG

17. separate cream cheese mixture into five bowls.JPG

▲Use the following proportion to get the layer on mousse cake (*Mix matcha powder with hot water first into to combine well)

  • 120-gram mousse mixture
  • ¼ teaspoon matcha powder with 100-gram mousse
  • ½ teaspoon matcha powder with 90-gram mousse
  • ¾ teaspoon matcha powder with 80-gram mousse
  • 1 teaspoon matcha powder with 60-gram mousse

▲用以下比例混出不同層次的抹茶慕絲 (記得先將抹茶粉用熱水充分溶解)

  • 120克慕斯糊
  • ¼ 茶匙抹茶粉配100克慕斯糊
  • ½ 茶匙抹茶粉配90克慕斯糊
  • ¾ 茶匙抹茶粉配80克慕斯糊
  • 1茶匙抹茶粉配60克慕斯糊

17. start pouring from the mixture without matcha powder.JPG

18. make sure to pour from the middle of the cake.JPG

19. last bowl.JPG

▲Pour mixture from light to dark into the middle of mold to create ripples


▲Finally, put the cake in the fridge for at least 4 hours


If matcha green tea is one of your faves like it is to me, then this has the potential to become your favorite dessert.
如果你和我一樣喜歡抹茶, 那你應該也會喜歡這款蛋糕

【Seattle】The London Plane __ #brunch #instagramable

The London Plane|Seattle

Address: 300 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-624-1374
Hours: 8 am to 5 pm Mondays – Tuesdays
8 am to 9 pm Tuesdays through Fridays
9 am to 9 pm on Saturdays
9 am to 3 pm on Sundays

The London Plane is an absolutely beautiful and chic restaurant. The second I walked in, I quickly fell in love with the atmosphere and the interior design. There are an array of flowers, baked goods, open kitchen, high ceiling, and lots of natural lights!

The London Plane 是一家非常適合拍照打卡的網美店,
當我一踏進店裡, 馬上被整個氛圍吸引
一整排的新鮮花束, 剛出爐的麵包,
開放式廚房, 挑高的空間, 以及充足的自然光

IMG_1512.JPG▲ naturally leavened toast $14
with ricotta, confit figs, summer squash & pine nuts

IMG_1495.JPG▲ Tuna melt tartine $16
albacore, provolone, picked peppers, celery & aioli

Food was good but way too overpriced for what I get. I have to admit that each dish was beautifully plated. They were both very flavorful, clean and simple.

食物方面表現都不錯, 只是份量不多,價位偏高

Momoshares – Behind the scenes

Since I started posting my homemade breakfast series on Instagram, I’ve been fielding questions about how I style my food. Therefore, I decided to film a short video to show you guys one of my regular morning routines. (This first video of mine is inspired by Tasty. But instead of the “oh yes” sound at the end, mine is a camera shutter sound.)

Please let me know if you would like to watch more videos on #behindthescenes or you want to know how I edit my photos. Simply leave a comment below or PM me.
Thank you for following me, and I hope you enjoy the video!

【Seattle】Slate Coffee Roasters __ #cafe #Seattle #DeconstructedLatte

Slate Coffee Roasters|Seattle

Address: 240 2nd Ave S #103, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 445-7808
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm;
Sat 8am-6pm; Sun 9am-5pm


I came to Slate Coffee Roasters to try their “Deconstructed Latte”; you get 3 wine glasses: 1st glass contains the espresso shots, 2nd glass contains the steamed milk, finally, the 3rd glass is both of them mixed together. (I wish they have used the same glass to serve all 3 ). When they serve it, the barista first explained the origins and flavor profile of the coffee beans and the milk. For the drinks, you should start with the espresso, then move to the milk, and lastly sip the latte which features both ingredients combined. You could really taste the sweetness of the milk in the latte, and I personally fell in love with the milk they used. I asked them which brand they are using, and the friendly barista wrote down the two local dairy brand they are using: Pure Eire and Twin Brook.

我來Slate Coffee Roasters試他們的“Deconstructed Latte”
“Deconstructed Latte”
店員會將濃縮咖啡, 牛奶, 和拿鐵 分別放在三個玻璃杯里
喝的時候, 從濃縮咖啡開始, 再來牛奶, 最後拿鐵
Slate Coffee Roasters
是兩家在地的乳製品公司: Pure Eire and Twin Brook

【Seattle】Il Corvo __ Weekday Lunch only Italian spot for homemade pastas #Italian #Seattle

Il Corvo|Seattle

Address: 217 James St, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 538-0999
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm

I’ve been hearing about Il Corvo Pasta for quite a while now, so I was excited that I finally got to try it out. When I got there the line was way out of the door. ( I guess this is a good sign that the food is awesome here)

好幾年前就聽說過Il Corvo Pasta, 終於有機會來試吃讓我很期待.  當我到的時候, 排隊的隊伍已經到門外了 (我猜這表示Il Corvo Pasta一定很好吃)


Il Corvo is only open Monday-Friday from 11am-3pm, so you better make time for it during lunch hour. Il Corvo makes things simple and easy since there are threes rotating pasta on the menu to choose from. This is amazing for someone like me who always had a hard time on deciding things 😛

Il Corvo Pasta只有開禮拜一到五的中午十一點到3點, 這裡每天提供的義大利麺口味不一樣. 我來的這天有三種口味可以選擇. 這樣精簡的Menu非常適合我這種有選擇障礙的人 😛


My friend and I shared: Pappardelle Alla Bolognese, Pasta Mista, Cookie, and House Made Focaccia. They are all amazing!

I love their House Made Focaccia. It’s crispy on the outside while pillowy and chewy on the inside. Dipping it in olive oil made it tasted even better.

For their pasta dishes, there was more pasta compared to the sauce. However, the chief seasoned the sauce perfectly, so it tasted savory, creamy, and flavorful! I enjoyed the freshness of the ingredients in the pasta.

我和我朋友一起分享: Pappardelle Alla Bolognese, Pasta Mista, Cookie, House Made Focaccia. 全部都很美味!

很推薦他們的佛卡夏,  外皮酥脆, 裡面卻依舊鬆軟,  剝一小塊下來沾橄欖油讓佛卡夏的香氣更為迷人.

他們的義大利麺, 醬料看起來不多. 但廚師調味卻恰到好處, 吃起來很夠味, 也能吃出食材的新鮮.

【Seattle】VIVO 53 __ Carbonara in Cheese wheel #Italian

VIVO 53|Seattle

Address: 504 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 425.274.9165
Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri 11am-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun 10am-10pm
Brunch Sat & Sun 10am-3pm

I came to Vivo 53 because I have always wanted to try the carbonara served on cheese wheel, especially after I watched the BuzzFeedVideo which is comparing $8 pasta to $100 pasta. Therefore, I decided to come here during Sunday brunch time.

影片中他們將$8 $100的義大利麺進行比較
作為起司控, 看完之後超想試試看!


Tuscan Fried Chicken & Waffle. vanilla maple syrup, honey butter, sea salt $17

A fluffy and sweet waffle is topped with a perfectly seasoned crispy fried chicken. The chicken meat was on the dry side, and I wished it could be moister. I like their vanilla maple syrup as it is delicious and goes well with the dish.

雞肉本身偏乾, 我喜歡比較濕潤的口感



NEW PARMIGIANO CHEESE WHEEL SERVED TABLE SIDE.ALA CARBONARA. spaghetti, guanciale, egg yolk, parmesan brodo, grated parmesan $22

It was fun to watch when the server brought the whole cheese wheel next to the table, place the pasta into the cheese, and then toss the hot pasta until the cheese slowly melts and combines with the pasta. While it was an Interesting experience, the taste was disappointing. it was way too salty for me. Also, for the amount of food, the price is not friendly at all.

這道料理上桌前, 服務生會將一整個起司帶到桌邊
然後馬上拌炒, 讓義大利麺的熱氣融化起司
因為是第一次看到, 覺得很有趣
但口味讓我失望, 對我而言整體調味過鹹


Overall, it was an entertaining dining experience at Vivo 53. I would expect the food and the service to be better next time.

整體而言, Vivo53的用餐體驗很有趣

【Seattle】Bellden Cafe __#cafe #bellevue #KouignAmann

Bellden Cafe|Bellevue

Address: 10527 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: (425) 698-1597
Hours: 7am to 7pm


Bellden Cafe is a brand new coffee shop located in Bellevue. With high ceilings, lots of natural lights, and some cute plants decorations, this cafe is definitely a place where you can take amazing Instagram photos. Staffs here were very friendly and attentive. It was such a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

For pastries, I tried their Kouign Amann. It was my first time trying this dessert, and I loved it. I adored the caramelized exterior with croissant-liked filling on the inside. It’s sweet, flaky, and very buttery. I guess the only thing I didn’t quite enjoy was my latte,  I would have preferred a stronger tasting latte.

Bellden Cafe 是一家在Bellevue新開的咖啡廳
挑高的天花板, 充足的自然光, 和隨處可見的可愛植物裝飾
店員都很友好, 讓人覺得很舒適溫馨
我點了Bellden Cafe Kouign Amann法國黃油酥餅
一口咬下焦糖的甜香混合著奶油的乳香, 是甜蜜的味道

【LA】Churro Calientes __Fried churros with organic ingredients #ChurrosconChocolate

Churro Calientes|Los Angeles

Address: 11521 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: (424) 248-3890
Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 6:30pm to 11:30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 5:00pm to 11:30pm


Churro Calientes is a small restaurant with seriously delicious Churros and they definitely satisfy a sweet tooth. I highly recommend their Churros con Chocolate. It comes with six classic crispy golden brown churros and a cup of Spanish style homemade rich hot dipping chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce is so thick, creamy, yet not overly sweet. When you dip the churro into the hot chocolate, it quickly soaks the chocolate up and absorbs all that goodness, Yummy!

Churro Calientes是一家專門賣吉拿棒的小店
我最推薦他們的Churros con Chocolate

【LA】Blue Bottle __#Latte

Blue Bottle|Los Angeles

Address: 300 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013
Hours: Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-7pm


This Blue Bottle is located pretty much across the street from the Grand Central Market. I’m super into any place with modern vibes and ample natural light. Therefore, this place was perfect for me! Coffee was above average. A great place to relax after exploring downtown LA.