Hello everyone,

I am Momo, welcome to my Blog!

Since I enjoy sharing my thoughts on foods and on my travels, I decided to start my personal blog on February of 2016. In the beginning, I shared and recorded the restaurants that I have been to and places I have visited. I have also started an Instagram account in October of the same year. In my Instagram account, I started to share some food photographies at home. Lately, I realized I have ignited a passion for food photography, perhaps I will work toward becoming a food photographer sometimes in the future. Currently, I do not have a specific goal for my blog, but I hope I can continue to share the things I enjoy with passion.

If you are interested in my photos or articles, feel free to reach me at   moc.l1566437878iamg@1566437878serah1566437878somom1566437878 !




我是Momo, 歡迎來到我的Blog!

因為喜歡分享美食和旅遊經驗, 所以我在20162月決定開始經營部落格, 部落格一開始是分享和記錄我吃過的餐廳以及一些旅遊心得. 在同年的10月也開始了Instagram經營, Instagram上斷斷續續分享一些自己在家拍的美食照, 慢慢的我發現自己對美食攝影越來越有興趣, 或許未來會慢慢往這個方向發展也說不定. 目前對自己的Blog還沒有明確的定位方向, 但希望可以繼續帶著熱情分享我喜歡的事物 ♥︎

如果你對我的文章或照片有興趣, 歡迎跟我聯繫   moc.l1566437878iamg@1566437878serah1566437878somom1566437878 !