Blue Apron Experience

Blue Apron Experience

I’ve been hearing about this blue apron ‘meal’ delivery service from friends and families for quite some time now. It is finally the time for me to try! For those that don’t know what Blue Apron is, they deliver boxes of measured out fresh ingredients to you weekly for you to cook based on step on step instructions they provide on recipe cards.

我最近一直從我朋友親戚那聽到藍圍裙有多好,現在我終於可以自己嘗試看看了! 如果你不知道藍圍裙是什麼,他們每個禮拜會寄一箱已經量好的新鮮食材,你只要跟從他所附的食譜而做就好。

There are 2 delivery options for Blue Apron, I opted for the $59.99 for three meals serving two people each. There is another option meant for a larger family. Note: there is currently no single option which I would of prefer, but I guess is not worth for Blue Apron to ship.


Disclaimer: Its not that I don’t cook, but sometimes I am just way too lazy to decide what to eat, look up recipe, drive to a local grocery store, find and pick the ingredients, prep and cook. I bolded ‘decide what to eat’ as this is the biggest problem I and probably a lot of people have. This is why Blue Apron seems perfect for me. Everything is already decided and measured out, and I can just turn on cruise control mode to prep the meal! This is awesome when my day is busy.

我想要先澄清一點,我不是完全不煮飯的人,但是我有時真的超級宇宙無敵懶的想要吃什麼、找食譜、買菜、選菜、備菜、跟煮飯。對我來說"想要吃什麼"真的是一大問題 (我想很多人都是吧 XD)

The first thing I want to talk about is customer service. Unfortunately, onTrac decide not to deliver the blue apron package on the day of. When I called blue apron, they were very apologetic and add a meal credit to my blue apron account right away. 5 star customer service right here!


Blue Apron

The box came a day later (quite beaten up 🙁 ), even though ice pack is still mostly impact and box is quite cold, the customer service advise against using the ingredient as they can’t be sure it is still fresh. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t cook it right? I decided to cook and not consume the result.

包裹下一天到了,其實裡面的冰袋都還沒融化而且還蠻冰的,但顧客服務跟我建議還是不要用裏面的食材因為他們不確定還新不新鮮。我想了想,雖然食材可能有問題,但我還是可以煮阿,不要吃就好 XD.

blue apron recipe

blue apron recipe back

Inside the box you will find 3 recipes with step-by-step instructions. I would suggest you read ALL of the instruction first before starting to cook. It may ask you to prepare another thing while something is cooking. Also at least for me, it took longer to prep and cook than the estimated time on the recipe sheet. I’ve decided to try the “Seared Cod & Udon Noodles” as my first recipe!



blue apron ingredient

Inside the box, you will find all the ingredients clearly labeled and measured out. The recipe sheet also tell you how to prep individual ingredients.  Note: you will need to prepare you own olive oil, salt, and pepper.



The cooking process was as easy as it can be. I also learn new things such as rice flour on the cod fillet. Note: Even though this dish doesn’t have any ‘fancy’ ingredients, but I do see some ingredients I have never seen in the other 2 recipe and I cannot wait to try them out another time.

煮飯的過程真的非常非常的簡單。同時我也學了像鱈魚裹黏米粉的新技巧們。雖然說這一道料理沒有什麼特別的食材,但其他兩個食譜我有看到一些我沒用過的食材,非常的期待用到他們的時候 :)


And here is the final product:




Ok, this is probably one of the more complicated meal I have cooked. What is good is that I can just follow the recipe again (although I do have to go grocery shopping). Unfortuantely since the cod may have gone bad so I only took a small bite. But boy, it was delicious. I was quite tempted to finish the dish.

OK, 其實這應該是我平常煮算比較複雜的一餐。而且我可以很輕易的在跟從食譜卡再煮一遍 (但是要去買菜就是了)可惜因為鱈魚可能沒有那麼新鮮了,所以我只小嘗一口,但那一口真的是天堂阿~~~ 比我平常煮的好吃多了。害我真的很想把兩人份的全部吃完。

Overall, I would most likely opt for blue apron service from time to time. I am very impressed by the customer service, packaging, recipe. I also like I was able to check out the menu and recipe beforehand before jumping it or skip orders (No Commitment!!). You also have some menu customization per week. (You have 6 to choose 3 but only in certain combinations) 10$ per meal is reasonable. Probably slightly more expensive than shopping for your own grocery, but cheaper than most restaurants.
Look forward to cooking and learning more with Blue Apron!!


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