小木屋鬆餅 Shine Mood


上網一查, 原來這家鬆餅是有名的校園銅板美食. 他們有很多家分店, 我今天來到的是位在板橋的忠孝店. 其他店的資訊可以到他們的官網上查詢哦!

There is a new waffle place in my vicinity: Shine Mood

After searching online, this waffle place is a famous campus ‘coin’ cuisine (coin meaning its cheap so no need to reach for your bills). They have many stores opened in Taiwan. Today I came to the ZhongXiao branch located in Banqiao. You can see info on the other stores on their official website!


▲我搭乘公車265/245 在重慶忠孝路口下車, 就會看到【小木屋鬆餅】的招牌

If I take bus 265 or 245 and get off at ChongQingZhongXiao intersection, I can see the sign for Shine Mood.


The store’s entrance is decorated like a wooden cabin.

▲因為內用, 店員先給我菜單 讓我去店裡找座位, 之後再去前台點餐

Since I am dining in, they gave me a menu to find seating inside, and then I can order at the front when I am ready.

▲店內的環境比我想象的寬敞, 壁紙是採用紅磚

The inside of the store is more spacious than I thought. The use a redbrick style wallpaper.


▲店裡佈置的很溫馨, 主色調是讓人安心的黃色, 搭配上花花草草, 感覺很舒服. 還真有在小木屋裡的感覺

The yellow-based decoration is very relaxing. Along with flowers and other vegetations, makes a very comfortable environment, really do feel like I am inside a cabin.

▲決定好點什麼後, 要到外面的收銀臺處點餐. 點完後, 店員會給你號碼牌, 拿著號碼牌去座位上, 店員隨後會將餐點送來

After deciding what to get, you need to come out to the cashier to order. They will give you a number sign and bring in the food later.



Shine Mood has an open kitchen


Waffles are made fresh here


▲等了一下鬆餅送來了,店家用外帶的紙袋包裝, 放在籃子裡面, 有種野餐的感覺

The waffle came promptly after ordering. They wrap it inside a to-go bag and put it in a basket, kind of feel like I am at a picnic.


The bag has the name of the meal.

▲飲料上也有貼上名字, 這樣就不怕拿錯了

The drinks also have their name on it

▲勁辣雞蔬菜鬆餅 $55     Spicy chicken & veggie waffle

因為來的時候是午餐時間, 所以決定點鹹的.【小木屋鬆餅】的鬆餅其實是華夫餅 ( Waffle ), 他們的鬆餅比一般的大, 所以可以折起來包料, 這樣客人可以直接握著吃, 也減少了餐具的成本. 鬆餅口感偏軟, 帶有彈性. 而雞肉很嫩, 微微辣我很喜歡. 搭配上美生菜, 整體感覺很清爽.

Since we came during lunch time, I decided for something savory. Their waffle is larger than usual so you can fold them over the fillings. This way we can hold it to eat directly without using any utensils. The waffle itself is on the soft side. I love how the chicken is tender and slightly spicy. Along with lettuce, very refreshing.

▲裡面的餡料算有誠意 There is a decent amount of fillings


【小木屋鬆餅】當之無愧是銅板美食, 以不到$100的價位, 我可以吃到一份鬆餅三明治, 和喝一杯無糖烏龍綠茶. 雖然餐點和飲料都不算是讓人很驚艷, 但以這個價位的表現我覺得可圈可點. 店員服務還不錯, 店內環境很乾淨又帶有舒適的氣氛. 適合和朋友家人小聚聊天. 這裡有提供免費網絡, 也可以在人潮不多的時候來這裡用用電腦.


Shine Mood is truly a ‘coin’ delicacy, with less than 100NT, I had a waffle sandwich and a unsweetened oolong green tea. Even though I would not consider the food nor drink something amazing, but it was great for the price. The service is decent, the store clean and comfortable. Very suitable for a gathering with friends & family. Here they do provide free wifi so you can come work here when it is not too crowded.


小木屋鬆餅    Shine Mood

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 4.12.02 PM地址:新北市板橋區忠孝路108號(忠孝店)


營業時間:週一-週五: 7:00-22:00/週六-週日: 8:00-22:00

官網: http://www.shinemood2006.com/index.html

Address:  No. 108, Zhongxiao Rd, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

Phone: (02)2952-0880

Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00-22:00  Sat-Sun: 8:00-22:00

Website: http://www.shinemood2006.com/index.html

  •  價格合理
  •  用餐環境舒適
  •  提供免費 wifi
  •  捷運無法到達, 停車不方便
  •  Reasonable Price
  •   Comfortable Environment
  •   Free Wifi
  •  Not near subway station, hard to find parking

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