【忠孝敦化】十八居咖啡館__隱藏在東區中的秘境 #濃情多拿滋 #玻璃屋 #不限時 #免費wifi #部分座位有插座

十八居咖啡館 Coffee 18-台北


Coffee 18 is a cafe located near MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua station exit 2.


When I pass the cafe for the first time, I thought it was a furniture or a gallery store. It was only after looking at the signs before I realize it is an cafe.


When you walk in the cafe, you can see a large teddy bear holding the menu on an urchin like swing, almost like a waiter greeting me.


The cafe has an outdoor area with clear glass garden. Along with the white bamboo benches, makes this place feel like a luxury resort. I can put on my sunglasses and lay here all day lazily.


The walls indoor is filled with black and white art pieces, makes this cafe have a feeling of an art gallery.


The wooden counter has books and freshly baked desserts.


The sofas here has a simple yet vibrant colors, which has a strong contrast against the grayish cement wall, making this cafe quite fashionable.


This barstool is comfortable to sit on with its shape.


The long table is fitting for lots of friends to sit together and chat away, the lamps on the tables is quite creative.


When you are inside the cafe and look out into the garden, it feels like I am not in the middle of the Eastern District.


▲櫃檯上展示的手作甜點看起來都好上相,好好吃,好難抉擇喔。 不過愛榛果的我,還是忠心選擇有榛果的「濃情多拿滋」.
I had trouble deciding on the dessert since they all look quite pretty and delicious. However, since I am crazy about hazelnut, I still ended up picking the passion donut since it has hazelnut.


New Summer Menu


There are many drinks to choose from.


▲開放式廚房可以親眼看到廚師製作甜點過程, 也可以看到真實的廚房景象, 我坐在面對廚房的位置, 一直看到店員們在吃自己家的甜點, 根本就是活招牌
You can see the dessert making process with the open-kitchen. My seating is directly facing the kitchen, and I keep seeing the employees eating their own desserts, what a great living advertisement.


The pastry chef is making our Netherland Truffle Waffle


▲濃情多拿滋 Passion Doughnut $260

開心果蛋糕, 榛果果仁, 法式酥餅
Pastachio cake, hazelnut, french cookie



▲老實說, 這道甜點很一般, 我覺得我期望太高, 榛果軟掉了讓我些許失望, 下面的法式酥餅也不夠酥. 蛋糕的部分吃不太出來開心果的味道 🙁 或許我當初該聽店員建議點草莓塔
To be honest, this dessert is just so-so tasting to me, perhaps my expectation was too high. The hazelnut was too soft, and the cookie on the bottom was not crispy enough. I also could not taste the pistachio at all from the cake 🙁  Perhaps I should have listened to the waitress’ recommendation of a strawberry tart.


▲拿鐵 latte $250

拿鐵的拉花好美, 像一幅畫. 奶泡打的很綿密, 咖啡也很香. 是杯完美的拿鐵.
Beautiful picture-like latte art. The cream was foamy, coffee has a great aroma, a perfect latte.


▲松露荷蘭醬厚鬆餅 Netherland Truffle Waffle $360


▲我們是衝著菜單上的皇冠推薦點的. 一入口就覺得味道很複雜有趣, 鬆餅甜甜的, 起司鹹鹹的, 下面的荷蘭醬酸酸的, 整體混合了三種味道, 不難吃. 但是我也沒有很喜歡.
We ordered this due to the ‘crown'(recommendation) on the menu. This dish has a complicated and interesting taste. The waffle is sweet, cheese is salty, the Netherland-style sauce is sour. The three different taste combined isn’t bad, but not something I love either.

心得:這裡的裝潢和擺設真的是無可挑剔,整體佈置簡單時尚又大方。座位和座位之間不會靠太近,很適合優雅下午茶加上大聊特聊。店員服務也很好,會一直幫我們加水和主動告知下午茶飲料搭配甜點的組合優惠。只是今天的甜點和鹹食我都不愛, 而且這家的價位真的蠻高的,一杯飲品+一份甜點或鹹食 就要五百起跳。這些只是我的感受, 給大家參考.

Here is my personal opinion for the cafe. Overall, I would rate the decoration A+ for being stylish, simple, and open. Ample spaces between the seatings, very suitable for an afternoon-tea chat session.  The service was also great as the waitresses re-fill our water without us asking and recommends drinks and dessert pairings and discounts. However, I did not particularly like the desserts or the savory dish today, and the pricing isn’t cheap either. One drink and a sweet/savory dish will make you at least 500$ poorer.

18居咖啡館 Coffee 18

地址 (address) : 台北市 大安區 敦化南路一段187巷62號
62 Dunhua S Rd, Section 1, Lane 187, Da’an District, Taipei City

電話 (phone) : 02 2721 0231

營業時間 (hours):

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