【板橋】Merci Petit__鄉村風雜貨咖啡廳 #不推薦早午餐 #不限時 #免費wifi #有插座

 Merci Petit-板橋

Merci 位在新民街, 而新民街是在板橋遠百旁邊的住宅區. 在新民街這條巷子內, Merci在有兩間店,一間是Merci Café,專賣早午餐和義大利麵,另一間則是Merci Petit,專賣生活雜貨的下午茶店。今天要來去試試Merci Petit.

Merci is located at XinMin St, which is the residential area near BanQiao Far-Eastern Department Store. Merci has two different stores. One is Merci Café which serves brunch and pasta. The other is Merci Petit which is an afternoon tea store that also sells household items.


▲Merci Petit的店門口, 被店家種植的植物遮起來, 晚上光線不加, 我差點找不到.

The entrance of Merci Petit is hidden away by the store’s plants. I almost didn’t find it since it was dark already.


▲Merci Petit走法國鄉村風, 店內桌位不多,但鵝黃燈光配上長長的木桌讓人覺得好溫馨。我是禮拜五下班後去, 店裡只有我一個客人.店裡播放著輕快地鄉村音樂, 整個很放鬆很舒適.

Merci Petit go with a french village style. There aren’t many seatings inside the store, but the lighting and the long benches make one feel very comfortable. I came by after work Friday afternoon. I was the only customer in the cafe. The cafe was playing cheerful country music which is quite relaxing.



The corner of the cafe has many dried flowers which are very fitting to the southern french village style.


▲這些盆栽可以買回家 🙂
You can buy these pot plants home 🙂


▲Merci petit不僅是咖啡店,同時也是文具雜貨專賣店,店內有許多來自不同國家的小東西, 像是照片上就是來自日本的文具. 整家店都可以慢慢逛, 很適合喜歡文具雜貨的人, 可以來這裡尋找寶貝.

Not only is Merci petit a cafe, but also sells stationaries and household items. There are many items from various countries. The picture’s stationaries came from Japan. If you are into stationaries, this is a good shop to find hidden gems.


▲Merci Petit的Menu


There isn’t many choices when it comes to food. There are mainly paninis, curry, salad, hand-made desserts, waffles, latte, coffee, tea, fresh juice, milk, and beer.


The back of the menu shows two kind of brunch dishes.


▲柜台上有果醬和司康, 以及棉花糖
Counter has jam, scorn, and marshmallows.



The fridge’s lemon tart and tiramisu is so tempting.


▲水在櫃檯前面, 要自取哦
Water is self-served at the counter.


▲整家店感覺很多東西, 似乎有些雜亂, 但是仔細看, 又覺得別有一番風味

The cafe seems a bit chaotic with all the stuff, but if look closely, it kind of has its own taste and grows on you.


▲田園青醬雞肉 Chicken Pesto Panini $160


▲我對這個帕尼尼很失望. I am disappointed at this panini.

先從外表上說, 整個帕尼尼並沒有完全結合在一起, 很容易會”走山” . 整個帕尼尼只有上面有壓痕, 下面完全沒有.

從味道上說, 裡面青醬的羅勒味比較像亞洲的羅勒, 而不是法式的. 雞肉薄薄一層幾乎吃不太到, 感覺好像偷工減料. 生菜到是滿新鮮的.應該是因為青醬的關係, 吃到後面感覺Panini有點干, 有點咸.

In terms of appearance, the panini wasn’t together as one, with everything shifting around. Only the top of panini has press-mark, the bottom didn’t.

In terms of taste, the pesto sauce tasted more like Asian basil instead of French. The chicken was so thin I couldn’t even taste it. Feel kind of cheated. The salad, however, is quite fresh. Maybe because its pesto sauce, as I eat the panini, it felt kind of dry and salty.


▲配菜的鮮蔬小沙拉, 比起帕尼尼來說, 好吃多了! 酸酸的意式油醋配上新鮮的生菜, 很開胃好吃!

The fruit salad tasted so much better compared to the panini. The sour Italian dressing goes well with the fresh salad and very appetizing.

我很喜歡這家店放鬆的法式鄉村風味, 但餐點真的不推薦.

I like the relaxing atmosphere of the cafe, but the food here is just meh.

Merci Petit

地址(address): 新北市板橋區新民街7巷29號
No. 29, Lane 7, Xinmin St, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
電話(phone): 02-8953-3906
營業時間(hours): 週一 (Mon):09:00-21:00
週三-週日: (Wed-Sun)09:00-21:00

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